20 December 2006

A Christmas Carol from a Different Point of View

[as sung to O Holy Night, my favorite Christmas song]

O Holy Crap
I really hate my bray-ces
I'd like to rip the-em offff of my teeth....

But I paid a lot and lot of money
And so far, I've lost 6 pounds

Food gets suck
and now I lo-ok sev-ven

My jaw really hurts and
my inner cheeks are calloused

Oooooooh my lips are swollen.
They look so very sexy,
But if someone tries to kiss me,
I'd probably punch him in the face...

Oh crap....these braces hurt...but at least it's not dentures....

thank you....thank you very much....obviously I've had a bit too much pain medication...or perhaps not enough!

Happy Holidays everybody!!
:I shez

27 November 2006


Yes, it's true, it's true. sigh. I have to have braces. urgh. This is me being excited about having braces: [yawn!] I know, I know you actually came here to read all about the cowboys game, but I am tooooo exhausted for that.....but let me tell you it was SOOOOOOOO worth feeling this exhausted [to quote a friend--I'm to old for this shit!] to start the busiest shopping weekend off with a sleep deficit. FABULOUS. WONDERFUL. LOVED IT. There will be more details tomorrow--you know, when forming sentences isn't such as task.

So back to braces. urgh. I went to my dentist for a cleaning when she noticed my back bottom molars--particularly on my left side--were loose. Not decaying or disease-ridden loose, but gums pulling away from my teeth loose. I have ALWAYS known my teeth were crooked--no, not my teeth so much as my jaws, but thinking that breaking and realigning was the only solution, I've been perfectly happy with misaligned jaws and teeth. Little did I know that the friction of misaligned teeth were causing so much movement in my molars that the gums around them were loosening. She suggested perhaps seeing an ortho for a consultation, but warned that probably my most viable options were breaking and realigning my jaw or waiting until all my teeth fell out and getting dentures. [okay, THANKS for the optimism!?!?!?!?!] so I called the orthro she recommended and his scheduler tells me that he offers free consultations. Make an appointment. Dazzled him with my knowledge of teeth, given that I worked at Texas Wines Etc. and then confessed my study of physical anthropology...but in the end he decided that braces were the way to go and didn't even contemplate me for surgery. I COULD'VE KISSED THE MAN! but i restrained....and now have to have braces....

:I shez

21 November 2006

Nutso Crazy Day!


and consequently 3 days until the busiest shopping day of the year...the store is SO NOT ready. Actually, it's pretty much ready, but it's not perfect, so as far as I'm concerned--IT'S SO NOT READY. Plus UPS has this "thing" to try and bring me as many boxes as humanly possible in the fewest amount of days. Even Tom asked if the boxes were multiplying! I swear they have cameras in the back room and as soon as there's a spot on the floor DING-DONG! there's UPS with [shock!] more boxes! Fed-Ex. I like Fed-Ex--they come, they PICK UP boxes, they leave. I like Fed-Ex [take note, it's probably the only time i'll ever admit this!]

on a very sad note, one of my friend's mom passed away last week...so just an aside to everyone reading this holiday--give your mom [or dad or brother or sister-in-law] a hug and let them know that you love them. meanwhile, my dear friend, my thoughts are with you and your family--i love you.

Also take time to give to food shelters, toys 4 tots, and coat drives this winter....as the St. Jude's commercial relays: be thankful for what you have and give to those less fortunate than you.

Alright, back to the nutso-craziness of the store! And don't be offended if you can't get a hold of me this weekend--I'll be running around like a chicken with it's head cut off!

Happy Turkey Day and GO COWBOYS GO!

gobble. gobble. shez

16 November 2006

Counting Down!

Okay, it's ONE WEEK to THE COWBOYS [vs. tampa bay] GAME [or Thanksgiving to the rest of you]!!!!! By this time next week, Jen, Sheila, David, Matt and I will be tailgating at Texas Stadium--consuming smoked turkey legs and in lieu of rolls, shiner bock [what?!?! they both have yeast in them--and rather than worry about how to keep the rolls warm or eating cold rolls, we can just put the sb on ice when we leave Fredericksburg and ba-da-bing! it's ready by the time we get to dallas!] quite ingenious planning, if you ask me!

gobble, gobble--Happy Turkey Day everybody!
:) shez

13 November 2006


Yay! Car is fixed!! So I'm running errands, as I had Monday off, and one of my stops is HEB for a few groceries. Get my groceries and actually leave HEB in record time, don't need a cart for my few, but somewhat heavy groceries, I'm fine. Walk out into the parking lot, to the exact spot where I left my car....and it's gone. gone. holy %$&#^ it's gone!! okay don't panic--perhaps I parked one aisle over--even though I knew I hadn't! I never lose my car---ever. ever. EVER! I actually went to the basket return bin and grabbed a basket to put my few but heavy groceries in, so that I could walk around and think. I cannot believe that I just got the freakin' thing fixed and now it's gone. think. think. I AM THE PERSON THAT REMEMBERS FLAWLESSLY WHERE WE PARK THE CAR AT ALL AMUSEMENT PARKS, SHOPPING CENTERS, AND SPORTING EVENTS. i did NOT just lose my car. This CANNOT be happening to me? What the hell is the number for the police station, because I'm telling you--I know EXACTLY where I parked and my car is gone!

OKAY, so maybe it's not gone....maybe it is [okay, no maybe about it--it is] parked about 5 or 6 parking spaces further down and my little Ford Escort is safely nestled in between two big-ass SUV's....damn big-ass SUV's giving me a heartattack!!

sigh....that was my drama for the day
:) shez

09 November 2006


Guess what? Because my life just cannot be drama free--my car isn't starting. I'm hoping beyond hope that it's the battery, but I'm pretty sure it's probably the alternator or starter. How do I know? Because it's me--and I assure you that of all the plausible options that could be wrong, it'll be the most expensive!

All I'm saying is that it BETTER not interfere with my money to see the Cowboys....of course, tickets have already been purchased, but there's parking, hotels, beer, and tailgating food to think about!! otherwise, I might have to borrow Teresa's bike for awhile!!


Kevin's on his way to give his two cents, in the meantime I'm relying on Teresa, David, Jen, Sheila, & Mom for transport. It's only been ONE day and I'm already going nuts [okay, nuttier than normal]--I HATE BEING WITHOUT WHEELS or at least in a city with PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION! I mean, I never had a car while living in Canberra, but there was a reliable--albeit somewhat tedius--bus system.

07 November 2006


Happy Election Tuesday everybody in the USA! Don't forget to go vote!

Happy Melbourne Cup Day everybody in Australia! Don't forget to bet on the 8th race!

Happy Birthday Nerida! Don't forget to have a drink or two!

Just as an aside for those voting in Texas: where did all the libetarians come from?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? Geez, there were quite a few races where there weren't even any Democrats--just Republicans and Libs! Well, here's hoping that by the end of the day we here in Texas have a new Governor. Now there's NO doubt the new governor cannot match The Good Hair Governor's hairdo, but I think we Texans can overlook it! Additionally, it has to be some kind of record--5 gubernatorial candidates PLUS I had a note in my voting booth about 1 write-in canidate. This is craziness at it's political finest!

God Bless the American voting system!

:) shez

06 November 2006

Freeze Frame!

Just got my halloween pictures back and these are too cute NOT to post!!

Grrr....Lala the Cat

Esmeralda [Malory] and The Great Magician [Baylor]--hiding behind his Batman candy bag
The Silly Wicked Witch [Morgan] with a better shot of The Great Magician

Arrrrrrrrr! The Dreaded Pirate Andon

The Fairy Princess [Ashlyn]

Sweet baby Reese--looking like a pumpkin--napped through it all!

and finally: Teletubby David at my birthday party...perhaps he should have considered it for a halloween costume!

C'mon David, you know I love you!!!
:) shez

03 November 2006


I LOVE FALL...it's probably my favorite season [and I'm not just saying that because it's my birthday!] It's the cool crisp mornings and evenings, the not insanely hot days, football and basketball season, you know....the little things like that! Unfortunately, it doesn't last long in this part of Texas.... :(

The best is sitting out in the crisp morning air drinking my coffee....meanwhile my slothful dog has patiently waited until I got up so that she can comfortably park herself IN THE MIDDLE OF MY BED!

At least she's good about letting me sleep in the mornings!

Happy Fall Ya'll!
:) shez

PS--haven't accomplished much with the Christmas decorating...but still drinking eggnog, listening to Christmas music to motivate me.....

01 November 2006

The Holidays are Coming, The Holidays are Coming!

Ahhh....November 1st. The first day I will actually put up Christmas decorations in the wine store. Neverminding the fact that EVERY OTHER store on Main Street already has their Christmas stuff up and displayed proudly in their front windows. I refuse. I hate that I have to completely skip over Thanksgiving--another fabulous holiday in order for the more commercialized Christmas. Not that I don't love Christmas....it's just the retail side of putting out Christmas items and decorating in September/October is ridiculous. Fortunately Tom agrees and while we do put out some Christmas gift items in the back of the store for those early shoppers, no trees, tinsel, or lights can come out until November 1st. YAY! I love Tom!! But here it is November 1st and so up and down the ladder I go, getting out all Christmas decorations. It's a nice day for it--cool and crisp outside....and I've even put on a bit of Christmas music and am drinking a bit of eggnog to get me in the Christmas decorating spirit!


:) shez

31 October 2006

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everybody!!

I love Halloween--it's probably my favorite holiday, even if there's a push to do away with dressing up and celebrating. Phooey on them I say! [and I say it dressed as an archangel! muwahahahahaha!] Sheila found these cool black wings and so I decided to use them in a fun frivolous manner--I'm in all black...okay with a bit of my red bra showing and additionally, I went across the street to the FunShoppe and had Shannon, The Fabulous, paint my face with silver and black and sparklies so as to match my wings!

Well, I should be off...I have a few trick-or-treaters stopping by soon and then I'm headed off to Teresa's to help them hand out candy!!

Happy Haunting!
:) shez

30 October 2006


Happy Birthday to Me! Happy Birthday to Me!!

Well, I found her. My baby. I named her Stella. I adopted her from PawMatch, which is an Austin based company that takes puppies out of the pound and to pet shops such as PetSmart or PetCo in the hopes that more exposure will get them adopted [as opposed to the other :( option].

April & I were in San Antonio, visiting the Alamo and Riverwalk area and we had a bit of time and I had mentioned earlier that I wanted to stop at PetSmart on the way home to see if they had any puppies out for adoption....and the rest, as they say, is history.

We saw her tied up outside the pens....I was actually looking at a lab/border collie puppy who was sleeping, when April asked about Stella [whom they had just named Leona--bleh...what kind of name is that?!?!?]. They said she was found wandering the streets of San Antonio. She had on a cheap reflective collar, but no tags or anything, which suggested that someone let this sweet, wonderful dog loose without any care or concern about her well-being!! [errr...don't get me started on that soapbox!] breathe, breathe, breathe...

okay, so she was sooooo sad and soooooo lifeless--even when we went over and sat down and talked and petted her. It was as if she didn't want to get to know us or get excited about us being there because she knew we were going to leave without her. That's when I decided that she needed to come home with me! April [the magnificently kind hearted and patron saint of homeless puppies!] loaned me a bit of moo-la so that I could adopt her plus get all of her basic supplies because she knew that we couldn't leave her there either. I thought the PawMatch guy was going to cry when I told him I wanted to adopt her! [heck, I thought I might cry!!] But I asked if I could rename her--and he said that Leona was just a name his mother picked out for her because they had no idea what her name was. I mentioned that she looked like a Stella to me and he agreed and said that actually that's what he wanted to name her [of course, I believed him, because, well, I wanted to and it was like another sign that this was the right thing to do!]

I signed 145 different documents saying that I would love and cherish and honor her and that I wasn't going to hurt, dismember, sacrifice, or dispose of her [how freaking revolting is that?!?!? those people should be shot just like the people who let her go!] and that sometimes it doesn't work out and that's okay, but that I'm to bring her back to PawMatch rather than take her elsewhere [which I thought was pretty darn cool of them, but of course, by document #1 I'm in it for the long haul!]

Of course, we got rid of the ridulous neon peach plastic collar and choose a new RED collar [and of course matching harness and leash!], a Stella dog tag, food, treats, chews, a bouncing ball--which she'll chase, but not bring back--and Mr. Moose, her squeaky toy which she loves when I squeak, but usually uses him as a pillow.
I thought she was a hound dog--as she looks like a petite, but far less slobbery bloodhound. Turns out she is a Catahoula Leopard....or, as her official name is a Louisiana Catahoula Leopard Dog and she is a cattle dog. But I'm telling you she has those saaaaad brown hound eyes, so maybe she has a bit o' hound dog in her as well....

She is very well behaved and doesn't bark a lot nor jump on furniture--except, as I found out this morning when the garbage truck drives past. In which case, she runs straight into my bedroom, jumps on the bed, and shoves her head under the covers. Even though I know she's scared, I can't help but laugh, 'cuz it was damn funny!!
:) shez

28 October 2006

Conspiracy Theories

Monday morning: got up, finished packing, finished couple of items at work, and headed to airport in Austin. YES AUSTIN. There was a bit of confusion about time and place of departure to fly to DFW to meet April. I think it was because I was looking at two different flights [one at 1pm out of Austin and one at 12pm out of San Antonio]...or it's because I flaked out [also a viable option!].

ANYWAY, we got there....and surprise, surprise--shockingly and amazingly enough I made it through the lines [god bless curbside check-in!] and the security check point without any hassles or dramas. It was as if it was not me travelling!

A quick--and I mean quick--flight later I'm touching down at DFW. And I have to say I don't think I've ever gotten out at DFW....it was a very strange feeling indeed!! Made it to baggage claim and there she is--APRIL!!--who hugs me and almost immediately hands over the keys to Sheldon, her new Saturn Vue. We grab my bag and head for downtown Dallas, the WestEnd, and of course, The Grassy Knoll. The Grassy Knoll is full of people, looking, pointing, discussing various theories. I buy April a $5 "original" paper of the "incident" and we wander around for awhile until you can't hear the traffic over the rumbling of my tummy. So we head to Spaghetti Warehouse....where we stuffed ourselves silly on pasta, fish, and spinach artichoke dip.

Feeling better [and full] we walked around a bit....and then it hit me: really, most of what I like to do in the Metroplex is in Fort Worth, which April had already seen and done. Cowboy tickets were sold out and April, still traumatized by the moved of her beloved Minnesota North Stars to Dallas, refused to entertain the notion of attempting to get hockey tickets.

April mentioned wanting to see the Dr. Pepper Factory and thinking we had time, we hopped in Sheldon and headed south to Waco....

:) shez

22 October 2006

Holy &$*&%*% I'm Old!

Well NO WONDER I feel tired. According to my profile, I am 249 years old. eh?!?!?!?!?!? I'm not quite sure how that happened but according to my blogger profile, I was born 27 October 1757. whaaahappen?!?!?!?!?!? I clicked on my profile contemplating a question change [click on my profile to see the answer to the current question] when I noticed that it said I was 249. It didn't quite register until I saw that I was born in the Year of the Rat. Um, I don't think so!! I am a Tiger--in fact, I AM A SCORPIO BORN IN THE YEAR OF THE TIGER!!

okay, how sad is it that in order for my brain to process that I'm in fact NOT 249 years old, I have to notice that the Chinese year I'm born in is wrong. Did I mention being mentally exhausted as well?!?!?!?

my advice: if you have a blog, you might want to check your profile occassionally.....otherwise you might find yourself quite a bit older than you thought. on a positive note, anti-aging skin care companies might be willing to pay you big bucks to say that it's their cream keeping a 249 year old woman looking 30-ish!

:) shez

ps--yes, I've changed it back. I don't like being 249, it's exhausting!!!! :)

Busy Busy Bee

Given that it's Sunday [last day before vacation] and I'm the QUEEN of Procrastination.....I'm running around today like a chicken with it's head just chopped off. I know, not a pleasing mental picture, but there you go. Although in my defense, I've been working both jobs all week [although not in my defense a lot of it could have/should have been done sooner--ie. unpacking boxes from the ranch!]. Additionally, work was insanely busy last night and Jen & I spent most of it running upstairs and downstairs and upstairs and downstairs and I took over Sheila's section because she had a HUGE party in the Attic and Jen took over part of my section to help even out the load. Needless to say [but I'm saying it anyway] we were exhausted! So, even though I do have lots to do--both at home & work before I depart tomorrow morning, physically my body isn't letting me accomplish things very quickly. Although given how tired my legs and feet are [not to mention most of the rest of me], I think I'm making steady progress! And of course taking mini-breaks here and there [like making the time to blog!! :D]

Ahhhh well, tomorrow I'll grab a quick nap on the plane to Dallas and after that, I'll be too excited to worry about little things like exhaustion!!

:) shez

20 October 2006



whew! deep breath, deep breath...you know, TGIF hasn't really applied to me in a loooooooong time--except when it came to eating out!!--since my working days are Thursday through Monday. But I'm so excited it's Friday. First of all, one week to go until the BIG 3-2! I'm sure it sounds strange, but I'm excited to be 32. I like being in my thirties...and no, it's not because there's nothing I can do about it. My life is so different than I ever thought it would be and that is a very good thing. I'll ramble about that later. The second reason is April is on her way. She's currently in Oklahoma [don't worry, I've cautioned her about being wary of Okies] and it's only 2 more days until I fly up to Dallas to meet her and have a FULL week off! Of course, I'm working both jobs and my house is a complete and utter wreck [yyyyyeeesssss, I still have unpacked boxes from the ranch!] but I have assured her a clean bathroom and clean sheets, which is already done. Heck, I might even have time to vaccum! Although, April if you're reading this--don't hold your breath!! Did I mention clean bathroom and sheets?!?!?!? Oh yeah, and the kitchen's clean. There's no food in the fridge, but I think there's some ice cream in the freezer....great [sigh] add shopping to the plethora of things that must be done before Monday at 10am [time David's picking me up to take me to the airport!]. Alright must go--doorbell just rang...hmmm....will it be annoying fedex, annoying delivery man, or annoying snobby customers?!?!? doh! just the mailman...he's nice!

:) shez

19 October 2006

Lincoln Town Cars

Okay, I know why mobsters like Lincoln town cars---good lord, they have HUGE trunks. You know, for hauling plants and baseball equipment and stuff like that! :D

How do I know you ask, since I have a tiny little Ford Escort? Well, I was actually being nice [shocking, I know!] and helping this little old couple who drove down from Oklahoma for a case of wine [on a side note, I also handed them a business card and let them know I could ship to OK]. I walked it out for them, she opened the trunk--and holy cow 2 BODIES could fit in there! Of course, I'm just speculating...hey, wait a minute....he did mention he was originally from New Jersey...I guess it's a good thing I decided today to be nice!! :)

On another note: APRIL IS COMING, APRIL IS COMING!! But unlike the British, I don't think she has plans of taking over Texas and taxing our boots off! Of course, I could be wrong. But she's leaving tomorrow and driving down here, first to visit her aunt & uncle in Arlington and then Monday I'm flying to Dallas and then ambling down to Fredericksburg, as I think this is her first tour of the Texas Hill Country. On another side note, right now in Minnesota there's like 2 feet of snow on the ground. I told her to pack shorts!!


18 October 2006

Cats & Dogs

Just a quick update on Samson....unfortunately, he has not returned home. :(

So I've closed the back door and emptied the litter box and boxed up all his toys. I still keep a food bowl outside, but what else am I going to do with a new bag of kitten food?!?!? It made me very sad, but I'd like to think that he's been adopted by some family who is loving and spoiling him....and that he occasionally resents being locked up in a house all day and....gives them rather sharp love bites. what?!?!? I want him to be happy and cozy and loved, but he had that with me...sniff, sniff.

so I've decided that my birthday present this year will be a puppy--and by puppy, I mean that of the canine persuasion, which will be adopted from the SPCA or other animal rescue place. I like cats, and I LOVED Sampson [obviously, I'm heart-broken about his departure] but dogs are friendly, dogs are loyal, dogs just don't run away and decide to adopt other families! Okay, so they occasionally go on unauthorized field trips, but they are excited when you find them [unless you're Dakota, who thought humans running after her along of Amarillo's busiest streets was a huge, fun game]. I like the independence of cats, they're easy--keep 'em fed, watered, and the litter box clean and you're good to go. Going out of town? Have a friend pop in and check to see that they are fed, watered, and the litter box is clean. No puppysitters, no kennel fees, no waking up at 5am every morning for a walk. Of course, I have to admit that Samson was the perfect dog-lovers cat. He talked [ALL THE TIME], he greeted me at the door, he laid on the bathroom mat waiting for me to get out of the shower, he liked being petted and cuddling on the couch...he will definitely be missed.

:( shez

12 October 2006

You Say It's Your Birthday....

Okay, umm...I've been sick. Not "sick and tired"--although being sick has made me tired. But I missed Landri's birthday party. Apparently, it was fabulous, as all 4 year old birthday parties are. And apparently by not being there, I missed out on more than just cake!

First of all, my Mother. My dearest darling lovely Mother was running late, mainly because allllllllll I wanted was some apple juice. And so Mom went to the store to get me apple juice. Now normally it takes 5 minutes...maybe 8 if you hit all the lights...to get from the store to my house. But it wasn't a normal weekend. In addition to being Lala's birthday, it was also Oktoberfest [prosit!] weekend. So rather than taking 5...maybe 8...minutes, it took Mom 20 minutes to bring me apple juice. For which I am eternally grateful. And made Mom late, as now she only had less than 2 hours to go home, decorate a My Little Pony cake, get dressed, and get to the birthday party--which was in Stonewall--only 15 minutes from Fredericksburg, but of course, Mom lives 20 minutes in the other direction. So what does she do? Speed. And what happens? She got pulled over. For the first time in her life since she was 16! And of course, when you are in a hurry and are speeding, cops seem to know this and amble up to your car window as slow as molasses. FINALLY he reaches the window--where upon my Mother, thrusting her license and registration into his hand says "Yes, I was speeding. Fine, give me a ticket, but hurry up because I'm late to my granddaughter's birthday party and I have the cake!" She then rolls down the back window and shows him the cake. Of course, this doesn't sway him to just give her a warning, but he did move a bit faster while issuing the ticket!

Second, my Mom gives Lala a Rody, which is an Italian blow up horse--think cute horse shaped bouncing ball. But it has to be blown up, right....so where is the spout? yep, you guessed it--right below the tail. Which poor Uncle Joe discovered when Lala asked him to blow it up. I believe Lauren mentioned something about incriminating photos.....

Of course, Lala's birthday isn't the only one, so here's a BIG FAT HAPPY BIRTHDAY wishes to:

Landri, Oct 7th
Woody, Oct 8th
Kerry, Oct 8th
Auntie P, Oct 10th
Matt, Oct 10th
Kat, Oct 15th
Lauren, Oct 16th
Ben, Oct 16th
Amber, Oct 17th
Kevin, Oct 21st

whew! I think that's it....well, except for mine :) which of course, celebrating will begin very soon!!

prosit and a Happy Oktoberfest!
:) shez

04 October 2006


I forgot to mention my sad news:

Samson has gone MIA. I'd like to think that he's just out having a grand ol' time, catting around [yes, pun intended!], but given the horror stories of cat abuse in the last few months it's hard not to panic when thinking about my baby out there all on his own. So far, the roads, the dumpsters, the pound, and the SPCA have not come across him. I'm keeping my fingers crossed [and his food bowl filled--just in case]. If you live here in town, I'd appreciate you keeping an eye out for him....and no Len, I don't need a replacement kitten just yet!

:( shez

Best Feeling in the World!!

ahhhhh....I think taking out your toe separators after painting your toes is one of the best feelings in the world.....it's such a release! Presuming this works, you are now viewing my freshly painted tootsies! In Yankee Blue, I might add [for those of you who are watching the baseball play-offs!]!!

No, I haven't been doing much posting, I've been trying to making some improvements, additions, and enhancements....which of course, I SUCK at doing. So I've enlisted the help of Super-Becca, who is helping with my everything--okay, so basically, I'm just turning it ALL over to Becca because a) she got me into this and b) she's wonderful, fabulous, magnificent, remarkable, extraordinary and everything else that's nice and kind to say about her so that she keeps helping!! :)

okay, so back to my toes and the release of pulling out toe separators--what feels good, relaxing and releasing to you? [ASIDE FROM THE OBVIOUS!!!!] just curious!

have a great day!

ps--check out Becca's blog at

21 September 2006

Birthday Week!

This is definitely the week of birthdays!! Sorry, rather than blogging each individual birthday [because we aaaaaallllll know that's NOT going to happen!], this is my official birthday wishes to all of you--don't panic! I won't divulge your ages!! :)

Christi, 23rd
Wendy, 24th
Malory, 25th
Becca, 26th
Chelle, 30th
Emily, 30th

If I may have forgotten you, I apologize, but OBVIOUSLY I am unaware that you are aging!!



17 September 2006

The Bluegrass State....

Okay, so for those of you unaware, Christi has moved to Kentucky. Elizabethtown [yes, like the movie]....my visit out there was sooooo fun!! I did----NOTHING!! it was great, it was fabulous, i loved every minute. Although a bit of advice for those of you wanting to visit friends/family who have just moved and want to do tourist-y things....give them a bit of acclamation time to find the best spots. Our best spots were the Jim Beam and Makers Mark distilleries, both about 20minutes from Christi and Tracy's house. Of course, just a travel advisory for visiting Kentucky in September--it rains....a lot! Especially when you want to tour [outdoors] a bourbon distillery. So needless to say, I'll have to save those tours for my next trip out. We did find a restaurant [Tumbleweeds] that serves Shiner Bock and the movie theater is a barn. Seriously, you laugh...but it was a barn!! They live right by a little lake [I probably would call it a pond, but anyone from Minnesota would definitely call it a lake! HA!]. Shockingly, they live in a DRY COUNTY. Can you believe it, C&T moved willingly to a DRY COUNTY?!?!?!? Fortunately, the drive to the county line [and thus alcohol] didn't take long and is beautiful.

Kentucky is a BEAUTIFUL state! It was hilly and green and gorgeous! And I have to admit there were more people that wore shoes and didn't drink moonshine than expected....although, I was informed that you have to go further east to experience that! Louisville--properly pronounce ONLY if you are either a native Kentuckian OR if you have marbles in your mouth--was a quaint and quiet big city. I enjoyed it, even though we didn't spend a lot of time there. There is, however, a waitress there that will never forget us, as Christi hit her with Tracy's spunky monkey. It's a toy from The Spunky Monkey Store here in Fredericksburg, which is a monkey sling shot that screams as it's flying through the air! I bought it for Tracy and gave it to him at the sports bar & grill we stopped in to watch some FOOTBALL. Christi, while checking it out, accidentally let it go and bam! hits the waitress, scaring the crap out of her. Of course, Christi immediately melts under the table, leaving Tracy and I to explain!

Thanks guys for a wonderful vacation!! I LOVED IT!!


02 September 2006

Happy Birth Day Reesie-Roo!


I have a new baby! She's stubborn--just like her Sheshie! Mom was induced on Tuesday, August 29th. But my beautiful stubborn niece decided that it was too warm and cozy to come out and didn't actually make an appearance until 7:00pm, September 01st. She's soooo beautiful. Of course, I'm biased, but I don't care!!

Here's to you
Reese Layne Sagebiel!! Welcome to the world!! Love, Aunt Sheshie

09 August 2006

Best of Both Worlds...

I love this groomswoman stuff!! I got all the fun of hanging with the boys....and all the perks of hanging with the girls! The next day [although not too early the next day] I got my rental car and then headed down to a luxury spa for manicures and pedicures with all the girls in the wedding party. It was sooooo much fun. You sit back and relax and have both done at once....which was a new experience for me. Everyone around me was getting french manicures and neutral colors, so I felt it my duty to get Big Apple Red! I mean afterall, my dress was black and subtlety was never my strong point, so why the hell not?!?!?

I checked in with Matt before heading to the spa--he wasn't so bueno, but was at least up and moving and saying "thank god we didn't have it the night before the wedding." well, duh! like we would have let him do that, knowing full well that at some point in the night, taking shots would be involved!!

I finished with my mani/pedi just in time to go back to the hotel, change, and head over to the venue for rehearsal dinner. It was short, it was sweet, and that's a great thing because dinner was next and I was starving! The rehearsal dinner was held at a Chinese restaurant--we sat at two round tables with a turntable in the middle and dishes magically appeared and we all shared everything. I need to get me one of those "food magically appearing" turntables!! Dinner ended fairly early and everyone pretty much wanted to head back "home." Fortunately Simon & I think alike and after getting back to the hotel headed to the bar for a couple of drinks before turning in early. OKAY here's another bad idea: you should never let a Texan and an Aussie go to the hotel bar for a few drinks. really, we were just going to stay for two. really. i promise. however, along came Juan. and Juan bought us drinks. Yes, us....both of us. So there we were sitting with two new beers....what to do, what to do??? Of course we accept them and spent the next 45 minutes [he sent over another round] debating/arguing about who he was actually buying the drinks for--me or Simon. [just FYI, the jury is still out!] Finally, we decide to go talk to them and the drinks kept flowing and flowing and flowing and somehow Juan managed to get us each 3 rounds of beer to go when the bar closed--so we went out to the patio [there were about 6 of us] and the next thing you know, it's 4am and breakfast with Matt is looking like it might just have to be lunch!

:) shez

07 August 2006

Are You The Entertainment?

Shockingly enough, Delta got into San Jose 45 minutes early. Wow! Twice in one day....I'm quite sure that's never happened before. I call Matt to see how bachelor party is going and let him know that I'm getting my rental car and heading to the hotel. No, no, no.....they're leaving one bar, headed to another, so they'll just come pick me up in the limo. Okay, great. I can handle being picked up at the airport in a limo! I notify the rental car company that I'll be picking up the car in the morning [probably late morning], grab my luggage and head outside to wait. Next to me is this nice man who asked if I'd like him to hail a taxi for me. I thank him, but say that I actually have a limo coming to pick me up. "Ahhh....hotel?" he asks. "Nope. Bachelor party." He suddenly gets very quiet and then with a smile he asks "Are you the entertainment?" HA HA HA HA....giggle....I laugh because at this point--after this day--really that's all I can do. It wasn't long and the limo pulls up and out jumps Matthew--who is well on his way to having a smashing time!

We head to a local English pub and out come the pitchers of beer....in addition to Matt & Me, there is Paul [brother-in-law], Kevin [neighbor and groomsman], and Jackie [sister and wife of Paul], who was only going to stay for a bit, but she & I got on like a house on fire and she decided to stay on and party with the rest of us! In addition to quickly downing pitchers of beer and a late night snack and a few tunes on the jutebox and several [what is the definition of several?] toasts to Matt and Lil [aka bravewoman!], we were also waiting on Simon [best man] to arrive. Simon finally arrives, joins us for a few more pitchers of beer and then we head off to the next place. A bar--that I can't remember the name of--but one that Matt & Simon had spent a lot of time at in the past. That's when it got ugly....and the shots of tequila came out....with beer chasers of course! I'm not sure whoooooooo started this trend, but somehow [batting of the eyes] I got blamed! [ALRIGHT FINE, IT WAS ME, BUT I AM RESPONSIBLE FOR ONLY THE FIRST ROUND!!] The rest of the night was a bit of a blur, however, I do remember not being able to remember what hotel I was staying in, so Jackie kept calling Jack to get names and addresses and driving directions, as the limo driver wasn't able to locate it. All I have to say about the rest of the evening--in addition to the incrimating photos I have of both Matt & Kevin passed out in the limo--was that I'm thankful Simon was the best man and in charge of getting Matt back home to Lil!

:) shez

03 August 2006

Bier Bitch

Travelling with me is never dull or boring. And this trip was no exception! I was headed to San Jose, California--where Matt & Lily [aka Groom & Bride] live and in honor of their upcoming nuptials--in which I was a groomswoman. Delta Airlines--in the true spirit of service decided that the quickest/shortest/best route to San Jose from San Antonio is via Salt Lake City. Utah. I have a 3.5 hour layover [again, thanks Delta] and so I get on a few websites to see if there's anything close by the airport--that's worth a taxi/train ride to kill a bit of time. I'm not exactly sure of what there was because on the SLC WEBSITE there is a link about "our [Utah's] liquor laws." great. NOTHING good can come of clicking on this link, but intruiged, I have to click. 3.2 beer. are you kidding me? this wouldn't be bad if the beer was cheaper--but it's not going to be because--hello--it's an airport! well, I was rather distraught by this and forgot about checking into local must-see things close to the airport.

As I'm boarding the plane, I remember that I never figured out what I was going to do while at SLC airport--oh well, I guess I'll drink a few 3.2 beers and catch up on my reading. The flight up was fine...until about 30 minutes outside of SLC, when it started raining [head to Texas dear rain, head to Texas!] then the plane rocked and dipped and dropped and every person on the plane was bracing the seat in front of them as we wobbled towards the runway. When we landed, the entire plane broke out in clapping and the flight attendant announced "whew! we made it!" The clapping stopped shortly after when we realized that it was raining quite hard on the ground and being in a baby plane--we would deplane on the tarmac and have to walk [in the rain] to the terminal. joy. FINALLY reach the terminal--not quite soaked, but wet enough to be freezing while in the terminal! now....where's 3.2 beer?!?!?!?

Ahhhh....Salt Lake City. For a bit of fun with the locals, I have discovered it's best to wear one's Auslander Bier Bitch t-shirt. [For those unaware, The Auslander is a restaurant/biergarten in Fredericksburg--directly across from the wine shop...you can check it out at www.theauslander.com]. The SLC locals there aren't sure where to divert their eyes once they've read your shirt...a few will smile--until they realize you're watching them and then a frown and eye diversion quickly follows! It's even better if you head out of the terminal [it had stopped raining by now] and walk through a nice group of people waiting on several Elders to return from missions. This would for most people send them straight to hell....as far as I'm concerned, if I'm not already going to hell, I doubt that this would be the deciding factor. I'm looking around outside, breathing in the mountain [and jetfuel] air when my tummy starts rumbling and I realize it's now 6pm Texas time and I haven't eaten since breakfast. So I head back in and go through the security check. Here's a bit of advice: if you are in the SLC airport and you are wearing your bier bitch t-shirt, and the security guard asks why you left the terminal, "to smell the fresh mountain air, of course" should not be your response. I had to do quite a bit of eyelash batting to keep from getting the "thorough search," although it would have killed a bit more time [did I mention that Delta actually got us there 30 minutes early--thus giving me 4 hours??]

I find a pub to eat at...and Holy Foreign Beer Batman! There's Stella Artois on the list. I order [because surely Stella would never succumb to 3.2 status]. I am informed that it has a high alcohol content. I inform that, no it has a normal alcohol content. She [being the waitress] opens her mouth to argue, notices my t-shirt, closes her mouth and walks away. I am then presented with a cool--not cold--Stella. I ask for a glass. It NEVER appears. I order. The food was the worst I've ever tasted. period. end of discussion. She NEVER asks about it [even though I sent away a full plate of food]. I leave a $1 tip. I have to say that as a waitress, I know there are times that it gets busy and you neglect your table and I've done it--it happens. But it wasn't busy. She wasn't busy and I NEVER GOT MY DAMN GLASS FOR MY STELLA! ahem....of course making it worse was a phone call I received from my father proclaiming that he got married.

SAYWHAT?!?!?!?!? Had I been able to find my waitress, I probably would have ordered 3 more high-alcohol beers, chased with 5 shots of liquor, and after that would have been a little more lax about my crappy service and food and she could have perhaps gotten $5. Needless to say [but I'm saying it anyway] I was shocked. And for the very first time in my life speechless. Yes me. Yes speechless.

Nothing makes time fly like crappy food, non-cold beer, and family drama...so soon I was saying adios! Salt Lake City and hola! San Jose...

:) shez

18 July 2006

Super Samson!

Meet Samson. My Cat. Okay, Kitten. I saved him. Which I'm sure for many of you explains why I--Sherry Lynn, aka Sheshie, Shezza, Sher-bear, et al--have a cat, well, kitten. He is Siamese and extremely vocal, even for a Siamese. He very dog-like, at least for now, and doesn't like to be alone and even runs to the door to greet me when I get home. Dammit if he isn't cute. And cuddley and will stalk and attack you any chance he gets....unless of course he's curled up sleeping. Naming him was quite a chore, as anyone involved will tell you. Originally, it was going to be Oliver, but that didn't seem to suit him. So I did what any girl would do--enlist friends to help....nothing seemed to fit--and after a lengthy conversation with Becca about Sinatra [her psycho-cat-from-hell], I promised not to name him anything REMOTELY to do with Frank [even though secretly I liked the name Frankie]. More time went by and I was working on my Australia blogs and having just emailed several people in Australia, someone had mentioned drinking Milo [an Australian chocolate malt drink, you can check it out at
http://www.nestle.com.au/milo/main.asp]. Perfect! That's what I was going to name him!! It's short, it's cute, he's short, he's cute and Attacks-with-Claws-and-Teeth seemed a bit long. Then it started happening....EVERYone EVERYwhere "ahhwwww....Milo. Like Milo and Otis! How cute!" WHAT?!?!?!??!!?!??!?!?!? Milo and what? Milo and Otis or to be more precise The Adventures of Milo & Otis. Milo the Cat and Otis the Dog. The movie plot from www.imdb.com reads "The adventures of a young cat and a dog as they find themselves accidentally separated and each swept into a hazardous trek. " Great. I cannot name my cat after some movie I've never seen and at this point now refuse to see. Milo--like the drink, I PROMISE!! Alas, resistance was futile and I couldn't handle being asked about it, so--while still calling him Milo--am pondering silently new names. And then it just came to me. Suddenly, one night while half watching tv/half playing with El Gato--Samson. I don't know--it just suddenly struck and stuck and the "where's Delilah?" comments aren't nearly as many as the "ahhwwww....Milo" comments. But he answers to Samson--as well as a Cat would answer a human being. And he's now sleeping [thankfully] through the night. I've bought several cat toys, which he loves, including a cube made of tent material that he rolls all over the house in...although stalking is still his game of choice [as poor David's feet can attest]...even though he hasn't quite mastered the art of skillfully waiting and tends to attack early with his front feet in the air [think more grizzly bear than prowling feline]. But I love him just the same!

:) shez

08 June 2006


The next day, the wedding party, immediate family, and I are invited to Penny's parents' house for lunch. It was a casual event and surprisingly--even though I had only just stopped drinking several hours before, I managed to down a couple of glasses of champagne, chased by a couple of glasses of shiraz.....mmmmmmm....i love champagne and shiraz. Oooohh, sparkling shiraz is also really nice...

ahem, I digress...

after lunch, we load up the cars and I drive back to Sydney with Penny (Michael & Oscar followed in the other car), unload the cars, and pretty much call it a night.

the next day I bid bon voyage to P&M (they were headed to Italy and Spain for the honeymoon!) and I spent the morning walking around Sydney and in the afternoon headed to Cronulla to meet up with Nerida & Geoff. We had coffee along the beach, did a bit of shopping, had a drink (or two) at a local pub, a few more back at Geoff's flat, and then went back into Sydney to dine at Diantha's--which has the BEST fried calamari on the planet....AND the turkish delight's pretty fab as well!!

the next morning my plan was to walk down to the harbour for a few parting shots of the Harbour Bridge and Opera House....but it was raining, so I modified the plan to dropping my luggage at the train station lockers, and taking the train to the harbour for a few parting shots of the Harbour Bridge and Opera House. HOWEVER, it turns out there are no longer lockers for rent at the train station....and there was NO way I was going to tote all of my luggage down to the harbour for a few parting shots of the Harbour Bridge and Opera House....so I decided to head on to the airport....thinking I could check in, get rid of my luggage and then head down to the harbour for a few parting shots of the Harbour Bridge and Opera House, but the train to the airport, back to the harbour [for a few parting shots, etc, etc], and then back to the airport was going to cost about $32....so I decided to skip out on going down to the harbour for my few parting shots of the Harbour Bridge and Opera House [okay, I PROMISE that's the last time I'm going to say it!!] and just went to the airport.

of course, it's now like 8:30am....my flight doesn't leave until 1pm and after I stand in line for 30 minutes, find out it's too early to check in [all the while getting strange glances from QANTAS staff, probably wondering why I'm there so early...sniff, sniff--I just don't want to miss my flight!!]. So I head to the nearest coffee shop, drink several cups of coffee, read the paper then my book, get bored, do a bit of last minute shopping [because, well, the airport is the ULTIMATE last minute shopping place!], people watch for awhile....and awhile....and ding! finally I can check in!!! Needless to say, I'm the first on my flight to check in [everyone at the Austin International Airport would be proud! If you've never checked in at the AIA, you MUST be there 4 hours early if you even hope to get a decent seat!]....more people watching. Check my email. Send out a few last minute postcards [because, again, the airport is the ULTIMATE in last minute postcard sending!]. Have a coffee, decide I need a beer. Had 2. FINALLY time to head back to the gate. There's a delay [big shocker], more waiting. Am now hungry, but no time to eat, as we're finally boarding....one last good-bye [for now] to AUS, the door shuts and soon we're on our way back to LAX.

and that in a nutshell [and several blogs] was my latest trip down under!

:) shez

ps--on the way back LAX was faaaaaaaaaaaaar less eventful that when I was going down. In fact, the only thing that happened was a few baggage handlers--apparently UCLA fans, aka not USC fans--commented on my tattoo "GO TEXAS LONGHORNS!" ahhh....I LOVE TEXAS!! :)

30 May 2006

Pardon Me Sir, What's Under Your Skirt?

As was previously mentioned, the wedding was formal. This meant that boys were in tuxedos, formal military attire, and then there was Ross & Hamish....who were in kilts. [and looked mighty dashing I might add!!] Hamish--being the true Scottsman--was wearing his traditionally [i.e. nada underneath!]. Ross, proclaiming it was "bloody freezing," chose to be a bit more, uh, protected from the cold--which in hindsight was not a bad idea, as while we were celebrating on at the pub, a very inebriated lass kept peaking under Ross's kilt!!

While thought by many today to the national dress [no pun intended] of Scotland, that wasn't always the case. So here's a history of the kilt exposed [and we're not going to mention how I found out what Hamish & Ross were or weren't wearing underneath!]:

There are a lot of webistes out there on the history of the kilt--just google history of kilt and you'll come up with about 1,210,000 hits. For the interest of time, I only checked out a few. Basically, there is some discussion about a)when the kilt was first seen in Scotland and b)if it originally came from Ireland. Being NOT an aficiando of the kilt or Irish or Scottish history, I won't comment on either, except to tell you that insofar as Scottish history is concerned, the kilt was not originally seen everywhere, only in the highlands. Apparently the Lowlanders considered it barbaric. It was both easy [supposedly...I, personally think skirts aren't the way to go, but both Hamish & Ross commented that it was very liberating] and versitile as many used the material as not only a garment, but also a blanket.

To quote one website (
http://members.aol.com/sconemac/kilt.html): "The kilt itself in its original form was a very basic garment which required neither the trouble of tailoring nor the frequent replacement which a pair of breeches needed. The tartan cloth forming a piece of material some 2 yards in width by 4 or 6 yards in length. This was known variously as the Breacan, the Feileadh Bhreacain and the Feileadh Mor - the big kilt, usually referrred to in English as the belted plaid. The belted plaid had many advantages in the Highland climate and terrain. It allowed freedom of movement, it was warm, the upper half could provide a voluminous cloak against the weather, it dried out quickly and with much less discomfort than trousers and if required it could, by the mere undoing of the belt, provide a very adequate overnight blanketing. The tightly woven wool proved almost completely waterproof...For ordinary wear the kilt may be made of tartan or tweed and may be box-pleated or knife-pleated (as are most); for dress wear it should be of the dress tartan of the Clan. If the Clan posses one. The kilt should be worn with the lower edges reaching not lower than the centre of the knee-cap."

Accessories [because whether they admit or not, men too have to accessorize!] for kilts include: sporrans [aka a purse, or if you're a Seinfield worshipper, man-bag]--with at least one for day and one for evening wear. Hose--white or oatmeal for day and tartan colored for evening--with garters and--this is very important--a sgian-dubh [small dagger] to be carried in the right hand stocking at all times. A dirk [another dagger] may also be worn, carried on the belt--but it's not necessary [yeah, like any man's going to turn down carrying another dagger!]. Buckled shoes complete the outfit.

NOTE: kilts are NOT to be worn by women. so, perhaps I should find me a Scot to marry--that way at least one of us will be wearing a skirt!!

ahem, anyway....so I hope this has shed some light on kilts and the manly men that wear them [as it is claimed that a man who wears a kilt is a man and a half]...so when you're out and about and see a kilted man, smile and remember, as dear Hamish says "real Scots" are liberated underneath!

cheers! :) shez

12 May 2006

Here Comes the Bride!

Where was I? Ahh yes, The Wedding....


It truly looked like a fairy tale wedding. First of all, Penny looked like a princess in her gown. It was a dark gold/bronze color and required 2 layers of petticoats and someone [or two or three someones] to dress her! It was stunning!! Michael, aka the groom, was dressed in military dress uniforms--as were the groomsmen--except for Michael's brother, who was in a tux. Being a fall wedding, the colors were brown and orange. The bridesmaids wore mocha colored dresses--all the same material, but varying on design. The ceremony was short and sweet and I think I had the longest part--reading The Selfish Giant by Oscar Wilde. We had to do some liberal editing to get it short enough not to encourage snoozing, but I think we [i.e. Penny] did a great job of keeping the basics and allowing it to still be very poignant. It's Penny's favorite story and I did my best not to cry [or look at Penny, which would have ensured crying] while reading. I found it interesting that the readings/sermon were given after Penny & Michael took their vows, exchanged rings, signed the marriage licence, kissed, and were announced. The only technical difficulty arose as the couple were walking back down the aisle and realized that with there was no room for Michael to walk beside Penny, as her skirt took up the entire aisle [now THAT'S what I call a dress!!]

As the couple exited the church they were greeted not only by the guests, but by the guard, who presented their swords for Penny & Michael to walk beneath. Of course, as they reached each set of swords, the swords were lowered until the newlyweds kissed and only then would they be allowed to pass! :)

A bus was graciously provided to take us to the reception, which was held about 10 miles outside of Yass....so we [being NOT the wedding party] headed to the local pub to wait for the bus. After a drink [or two] a very nice soldier offered Jen Craig [a friend from football] and I a lift to the bus, so as not to have to walk 4 blocks in heals. Who says chivarly is dead?!?!?

The reception was held at an art gallery [the Crisp Gallery--check it out at
www.petercrisp.com.au], which was beautifully decorated in fall colors and flowers galore [and I'm not just saying that because I helped!!]. Guests were invited to drinks and hors d'vors while waiting for the wedding party to finish with the photos. It was out in the gardens, which were lovely, but as the temperature was dropping, I was very thankful I brought my big coat!! Soon we were invited in and the cold [by now it was nearly 32F or 0C] was soon forgotten and dinner and more drinks flowed.....and flowed....and flowed.

Cake was cut--with a sword [too cool]! It was a chocolate cake, which for those of you not aware, in Australia "typical" wedding cake is fruit cake. bleh. I'm glad they went with chocolate!! The best, though, was the exact sugar replica of Oscar, the brown dog, who sat beside the cake. Even his nose was wet and shiny! It was a great topper--although a bit big to fit on the cake with the "traditional" bride and groom!! After the speeches, given by Mother of the Bride, Best Man, Bride & Groom, out came the band and the dancing commenced! Soon it was time for Bride & Groom to depart, so we bid them fare-thee-well and kept right on partying!!

After grabbing a few [okay like 7 or 8] beers for the road [I was willing to share!], we hopped on a bus and headed back into Yass and like moths to a flame found the ONLY pub still opened and, of course, continued drinking to Penny and Michael's happiness....

until some ungodly hour of the morning (4ish)....

to be continued.....
:) shez

27 April 2006

Keep Left!

I'm happy to report that I survived driving in Australia....and more importantly, they survived me!!

There were only a few minor incidents. Actually since I've been back and dearest darling David picked me up at the airport, I been wanting to remind him that he's on the wrong side of the road. DOH! And now most of Fredericksburg is aware that if my windshield wipers are on without it raining, then OBVIOUSLY I'm turning as I've forgotten which side of the wheel is my blinker indicator!! The funniest (although not at the time) incident was as I was driving in Tuggeranong one night and because I was watching for 'roos that might be crossing the road, I didn't realise that the four lane divided road (2 lanes each way), had merged to two lane (1 each way) non-divided road. For those of you who are not Australian or have not driven in Australia, the lines dividing the lanes of on-coming traffic is not yellow, as it is in America, but white and at this particular stage was not a solid white line, but dashed white lines. For you Australians who aren't aware, in America this means that traffic is travelling the same direction. So suffice to say, I was a bit startled at the car coming out of the roundabout and on to (what I thought was) my side of the road. Panic! Don't panic, don't panic, don't panic. left side, yes indeed, I am and should be on the left side. What is this person doing?!?!?!?!??! Ahhhhh. I inch as close to the left side of the road that I could, hoping that they would stay in the right hand lane--which I was still thinking is on my side of the 4 lane road. They pass without incident and as I'm heading into the roundabout am noticing that ooops...the road was no longer divided and the other driver wasn't a lunatic, drunk, or oblivious, but were exactly where they needed to be. oops. note to self: whilst looking for kangaroos be sure to also pay attention to road signs.

:) shez

26 April 2006

Gone Walkabout!

Okay, I dropped off the planet (really, just the internet) for awhile! Geez, do you even remember a time before cell phones and internet??? Dial-up is probably archaic for some of you!! ahem, I digress...although for the record, I find it scary when April is agreeing with Matthew. Okay, really it's scary when ANYONE agrees with Matthew! (*evil grin)

So the last week FLEW by and was filled with wedding stuff, finalizing last minute details, the hens party, THE WEDDING, recovering from the wedding, and then packing/shoving everything into bags and coming back home. whew!

just for the record: I LOVE MY BED!! oh and THANKS DAVID for coming to pick me up at the airport and THANKS GRETCHEN for dinner :)

I eased my way into work again--working a whole hour today. Don't want to overdo it, you know? But I've stocked my fridge and am trying desperately to fight sleeping durning the middle of the day, although I think nap time is coming up soon!!!!!!! I turned in 8 rolls of film to be developed, so HOPEFULLY I can download a few that correspond with the next few posts recounting my last 10 days Down Under (including interesting facts regarding kilts...and men who wear them!)

must go snooze!! :) shez

10 April 2006

Last Week in Canberra....

Well, I only have a few more days left in Canberra before I head back to Sydney! My time, while fairly booked up, does allow for a bit of r&r time for me--as after all, I am on holidays! Not that having late lunches and meeting for afternoon tea is "rough," but I'm also trying to take in a few sights not seen or at least not seen in awhile! For example--thank you Rod & Norma--I'm catching up on a bit of Aussie Rules Football, which is nice that I can watch it in the middle of the day rather than having to stay up really late at night to catch the occassional game at home.

The first wave of postcards have been sent out and I am hoping that at least some of them will arrive before I do!!

Alright, must dash--halftime's nearly over in the Freemantle v. Carlton game! I LOVE FOOTY!!

:) shez

09 April 2006

Working Holiday!

Okay, just so you don't think I'm being lazy on my holiday...

I spent most of Friday morning helping Geoff change the tires on his new car [apparently the tires on his old car where better--they didn't look all that much different, but whatever]. Oh and for those of you who don't know, Geoff is Nerida's oldest son [with Graham--aka--Crackers being the youngest]. Just wanted to clarify that he isn't some dodgy bloke I picked up in a pub the other night.

After that I tagged along while he got the new car registered and got new license plates and fun things like that! We ended the morning having lunch with Nerida and went back to the house, where I promptly CRASHED hard on the couch and it finally hit me--JETLAG!

Nothing like a nap to make you groggy and what helps that? Why, beer of course! When down to the pub with Geoff and a few friends while waiting on Nerida (who was having a massage and then picking me up for a girls night in!). Mmmmm...Aussie beer! I am sad to report that this was the first Aussie beer that I've had since I got here...however, it means that I've been a good girl, as I've been driving pretty much the entire time until Friday!

see, there ARE drawbacks to having a hire car!

Ned picked me up several hours later, we went home for a light dinner and more drinks....well, okay one--as I proceeded to fall asleep on the couch and at about 9:30 she woke me up and sent me off to bed!

JETLAG! (boo-hiss!) and sadly I thought since I had made it two full days without feeling groggy, I wasn't going to have a problem....doh!

:) shez

05 April 2006

The Friendly Skies!

Hello and greetings from Australia!!

It's so surreal being back and in a way doesn't even feel like I've left [like when I left the airport in Sydney and without much thought or consulting a map navigated my way to Canberra!]

The trip down is worth about 23 bloggers, but being short on time, I will try to get it all into one:

Dad took me to Austin (thanks Daddy!). After getting checked in and waiting in an eternal line to go through security, the lovely lady at the checkpoint (checking id's and tickets)--exasperated that my id was a passport and I didn't want to dig out my driver's license--told me that I could only have 2 carry-on items. Well, I had three--my purse, a bag of books & toiletries, and a bag of wine. I explained that "Actually, ma'am, I'm flying internationally and am allow 3 carry-on items" Where upon I was informed that actually she had been working there a long time and NEVER had any flights EVER allowed three carry-on items and so I could either consolidate or check one of my bags. Fine. So I dropped my bags at her feet and proceeded to pull everything out of my book bag--shoving things in both my puse and my wine bag, then placing my purse into the book bag and shoving the rest of my items around the purse so that in the end--rather than having THREE SMALL, LIGHT, NEATLY packed bags, I had TWO HEAVY, OVERSTUFFED AND OVERFLOWING bags. Upon standing up, I showed her my "two" bags and she wished me a nice flight. The kicker is that I get to the sercurity check point and get behind a lady who had a wheeled bag, on top of which was another smaller bag and a purse. Somebody freaking shoot me. Of course, I promptly pulled out my purse and rearranged my THREE SMALL, LIGHT, NOT-QUITE-SO-NEATLY packed bags for travel.

The flight to LA was uneventful, barring an 35 minute delay. Get to LA--land in Terminal 4, gate 47 [this is important information for later!]. Follow the signs to the International Terminal, which if you're in LAX and have to leave the terminal you're in, you have to go outside and upon entering the new terminal ( I think there are 5 total) you have check back through security (great--just what I want to do again!). Am about to leave Terminal 4 and I see a couple of Qantas counters, but since American & Qantas are part of the OneWorld Alliance, didn't think much about it--until I walk all the way to the International Terminal and am nocticing my flight to Sydney is not listed. It leaves in about 2 hours, so SURELY it's gotta be listed. Because SURELY if it was cancelled or changed, they would have informed me. So I walk over to the Qantas counter and ask about my flight. "Oh" she says "That flight leaves out of Terminal 4!" smile. try not to cry. "Just go to Terminal 4 and use the business class line to get a new boarding pass" Okay, business class line--not as long as Economy, so not so bad (I'm hoping). Go up to Business class line and am issued a new boarding pass--and am informed that the gate has changed. Okay, since I thought the gate was in the International Terminal to me OBVIOUSLY the gate had changed. Walked up the checkpoint person [with my THREE SMALL NOT-SO-NEATLY PACKED bags], whereupon, she....wishes me a nice flight and a good evening! Get through security actually FASTER than in Austin (there's something wrong with that, but I wasn't complaining), look down at my "new" gate--it's number 48B. oh. funny I know EXACTLY where that gate is!! After a bit of a wait (and a burger & beer at the terminal)the plane is boarded and we head off over the wild blue Pacific!

We're supposed to land at 6am. But thanks to strong head winds the ENTIRE flight, we actually land at 7am. Immigration didn't take long at all to get through. I was excited. It should have been a clue that Customs wasn't going to be as fast! I have 6 bottles of Texas wine to give out as gifts, did I know I was over the limit? Yes. Did I declare this? Yes. (I DECLARE I HAVE A LOT OF WINE!) ahem, sorry. So I was sent to see the lady behind the counter (and trust me you don't want to have to see the lady behind the counter--it means that you have to pay....) Luckily, after explaining that the bottles were gifts, she okay'd my wine without having to pay taxes on it, but explained that next time, keep it to 3 bottles. Yes, ma'am.

Finally (it's now like 8am Sydney time--no clue what time in USA it is!), I manage to get out and find the car rental place....only to be told that the car is not ready. But thanking me for my patience, they have decided to give me the next size larger car--if I wouldn't mind waiting a few more minutes. Not minding the bigger car and the chance to stretch my legs, I walked around the terminal for a few minutes. Less than 10 minutes later, I was in the car (it's red!!!!!!!!!) and headed to Canberra (and manged to stay on the correct--aka left--hand side of the road!)

Well, I guess that's about it for now! I'm meeting Nerida for coffee and Cathy for lunch and not quite sure what the arvo brings--but it'll be great and relaxing for sure!!

g'day! :) shez

02 April 2006

T-minus 24 Hours

Well, it's nearly that time! I still have a lot to do, but it's easier getting up earlier [and staying up later] knowing I only have about 24 hours left. Actually, it's more like 27 hours until Dad & I depart for Austin....tomato, to-mah-to.

The most important stuff is done (i.e. I know where my tickets and passport are!)--the rest, as they say, is details!

I really don't have a lot to report right now. I'm a bit groggy from "springing forward" this morning (don't forget to set your clocks!) FYI, as of right now, Sprint hasn't sprung forward, so don't trust the time on your cell phone! Which (on a postitive note), allowed me an extra hour of sleep, but made me late for breakfast with Mom. Fortunately, breakfast was at home this morning, so being a bit late wasn't that big of a deal.

bye for now! post you on wednesday from Australia!!

:) shez

30 March 2006

Insane Last Minutes...

So today begins my last hurrah--working both jobs until Monday morning...at which time, I finish last minute packing, go to Rotary, say my farewells, head to Austin, and (hopefully) sleep all the waaaaaaaaay to Sydney!!


Thank you Daddy! He's taking me to the airport and who will no doubt be cursing me on the way home, as he'll drop me off at 4pm and then hit afternoon rush hour traffic, which will put him back in Frederickburg around 10ish (for those of you who aren't aware, it's--without traffic--about 1.5 hour drive from Fredericksburg to the airport in Austin). Okay, well maybe he'll get back a little before then (at least I hope so otherwise I'll have to find someone else to take me the next time I decide to depart!)

I am--for sheer orneriness--rearranging all of the wines at the wine shop. he he he. can't resist! Actually, it started out as cleaning--um, yeah-yeah, that's it!--and then I decided to move a few things here, a few things there and then next thing you know Anna (new girl) and I have spent all day rearranging/dusting/and cleaning. Now the store sparkles, which should please Tom greatly....at least until he starts searching for a particular wine. Tomorrow I shall spend the entire day pricing and labelling, so as to still have my job when I return from the land of Aus.

Well, must depart as it's time to close up shop and head to Cuvee!

Bye for now!
:) shez

28 March 2006

Holy Rush Service Batman!

WOW! The tech just called--my glasses are in!! Not bad for ordering them yesterday morning. Now that's what I call a rush job!! :)

And the Thunder Rolls...

It is storming here today. Not raining, not drizzling, but big fat rain drops and loud rumbling thunder-storming today. Which of course means a very slow day in tourism here in Fredericksburg. In fact, the only people to have come in (aside from the mailman), seem to have radar that I am on the phone and attempting to converse with someone. So, if I call you today and have no major news to report, it's just a feeble ploy to help drum up business.

Preparations for the trip are coming along. I went ahead and spent a bit of my trip money on a new pair of glasses, as I've pretty much stopped wearing contacts because my eyes have been so dry lately. And having mislocated one pair, I felt that I needed another pair so as not to just have one pair of glasses while traveling. They're really cool and the lab tech has ASSURED me that they will be in before I leave. They're pretty plain rectangular, brown tortoise shell--no bells, no whistles, but they're comfortable and they look great (at least I think so!). Julie has also given me a pair of her glasses (since she's had lasik and is no longer in need of glasses), so I just need to replace the lenses--thanks Jewels!

In other news, building on Mom's house will start probably next week and she's hoping to be in by June (at least that's the plan, anyway!). She's picked out cabinets, furniture, and countertops--all with a mexican mission theme. I really like it and all of the pieces will help the new house feel cozy and comforting!

That's about all to report right now. I think I may go sit out front and enjoy the storms!

Ciao for now!
:) shez

27 March 2006

Tick Tock, Tick Tock

Only one week to go!!

Oh, for those of you COMPLETELY confused as to what's happening in a week--I'm headed back down under!! I fly out of Austin at 6pm Monday, April 03rd and land in Sydney at 6am Wednesday, April 05th....where my schedule will be chock-full of things to do and people to see, especially my dearest darling Penny, whose wedding on the 22nd is what brings me back to Australia.

I'm so excited, excited, excited!! In fact, I'm nearly ready to go (Christi--you'd be soooo proud, I'm almost done packing!). Tickets & travel visas are purchased and the countdown is on! I will attempt to post everyday with updates (of course, skipping next Tuesday, as thanks to a 16-hour flight and crossing the international date line, Tuesday will be lost forever!).

A HUGE thanks to Tom & Carol and everyone at Cuvee, who will be covering for me when I'm gone--but not to fear, I will be bringing back goodies--like TimTams, vino, and cerveza--yum! to ease the pain and suffering! If you'd like a postcard, be sure to email me with your address! I'm sure you'll get it weeks after I return, but still....

Alright, must go--the clock marches on--tick tock, tick tock!

bye for now!

:) shez

28 February 2006

My What Lovely Beads You Have!

Ahhh...Fat Tuesday--Gotta Love It! Interestingly enough, even though Fredericksburg is a very German community, today we all adopt a very French Cajun lifestyle and party all the way until Ash Wednesday.

I decided to look up some info on the internet regarding Mardi Gras and share some of the things I discovered. Mardi Gras season is from January 06th until 47 days before Easter Sunday...or the day before Ash Wednesday. Those silly Cajuns (God love 'em!) actually created a season and a reason for drinking from the 12th Day of Christmas (also called Epiphany and is the day that the Magi supposedly showed up to present gifts to Baby Jesus) until the start of Lent, which I'm guessing after all of that partying it's not hard to give up alcohol and dry out a bit. Perhaps a touch of genius and a lesson that could be used for everyone wanting to participate in Lent--just overindulge for a couple of months and it'll make giving up whatever you're giving up a lot easier.

While it is thought to have come to New Orleans via French Explorers in the 1699's, the official colors (purple, green, & gold) weren't picked until 1872. Chosen by Rex, the King of Carnival, they stand for justice, faith & power respectively. I don't know about you, but they are ALL things I'm thinking about while celebrating Mardi Gras! Speaking of, I gotta go and actually read the Fredericksburg Standard Post to find out what our little German town is doing to celebrate!!

Bottoms Up!
shez :)

19 February 2006

Happy New Year!

Okay, so it's mid-February and I'm just now getting around to wishing everyone a Happy New Year! A lot has been happening. The Winter Olympics have started and I'm eagerly watching every moment that I can. Unfortunately, I just found out about the Knitting Olympics...so I won't be able to participate (I could have finished April's VERY belated birthday present!). But not to fret, April, it will be finished soon (I hope!) If you want to learn/read more, check out Rebecca's blog at ewedevil.com

Other news: Christi has moved to Rome, Georgia!!! I helped her move. In fact, I am currently in Rome, typing this on Tracy's computer. It's very picturesque here....and even though I'm only in the foothills of the Smokey Mountains, I am in awe! We departed Fredericksburg at some ungodly hour (4:30am), drove about 14 hours--which put us in Birmingham, Alabama--which is where we stopped for the night. We found a hotel, ordered in pizza, and were excited to be out of the car, as were Chloe and Ginger, who spent the entire trip sitting on top of each other, fighting for space in a very cramped back seat! The next day we only had about 2.5 hour drive into Rome. We unloaded the car, unpacked a bit, and went to check out Tracy's store (Belk--you can check it out at belk.com), had REALLY strong margaritas and average mexican food for dinner and called it an early night. Note to everyone: unless you like extremely sweet drinks, may I not recommend diet coke and passionfruit rum (which was bought by mistake and wasn't realized until we were already home, in our pj's, and the drinks were made!)

The next day...we headed north to Chattanooga, Tennessee. Another note to everyone: Chattanooga is a city that you want to visit when it is warm outside. Or at least not snowing, which was beautiful, but most of the attractions--like Lookout Mountain (which allows you to see 7 states)--require a significant amount of time outdoors! It was sleeting when we got there (and windy to boot!), so we had lunch at a microbrewery, which was good. Christi, Tracy, and I shared a beer sampler--which had small tastes of each of the 7 beers they offered. There were some we loved, some we liked, and a couple we hated. Ultimately, Christi and Tracy went with a stout and I chose the black cherry porter.

INTERRUPTION: what is going on with the ice dancing? I'm watching it while typing this and so far 3 couples have fallen!?!?!?!? crazy stuff!

Today was a lounging/relaxing day--we didn't even get out of the house until well after noon. After we had lunch (at Hooters--hey great wings and cheap beer durning the Daytona 500!) Speaking of, apparently Nascar is huge here, so I watched the entire race. Although, Christi and I had to call Chelle to find out who to cheer for (#48, Jimmy Johnson is her favorite), so we cheered for him--and YAY! he won his first Daytona! I'd like to think that we were good luck for him!! or not.

Tomorrow is an unpacking day--as Christi sent most of her stuff via FedEx and Tracy piled them all into a room to await our arrival! And then Tuesday it's back to Texas and work, work, work! Which, by the way, I will be taking over the wine shop again until I head back to school.

More on that later...for now, it's back to ice dancing (make that 4 couples who fell!). perhaps someone needs to check out this ice!

GO USA!! and AUS!! and NED!!
:) shez