17 September 2006

The Bluegrass State....

Okay, so for those of you unaware, Christi has moved to Kentucky. Elizabethtown [yes, like the movie]....my visit out there was sooooo fun!! I did----NOTHING!! it was great, it was fabulous, i loved every minute. Although a bit of advice for those of you wanting to visit friends/family who have just moved and want to do tourist-y things....give them a bit of acclamation time to find the best spots. Our best spots were the Jim Beam and Makers Mark distilleries, both about 20minutes from Christi and Tracy's house. Of course, just a travel advisory for visiting Kentucky in September--it rains....a lot! Especially when you want to tour [outdoors] a bourbon distillery. So needless to say, I'll have to save those tours for my next trip out. We did find a restaurant [Tumbleweeds] that serves Shiner Bock and the movie theater is a barn. Seriously, you laugh...but it was a barn!! They live right by a little lake [I probably would call it a pond, but anyone from Minnesota would definitely call it a lake! HA!]. Shockingly, they live in a DRY COUNTY. Can you believe it, C&T moved willingly to a DRY COUNTY?!?!?!? Fortunately, the drive to the county line [and thus alcohol] didn't take long and is beautiful.

Kentucky is a BEAUTIFUL state! It was hilly and green and gorgeous! And I have to admit there were more people that wore shoes and didn't drink moonshine than expected....although, I was informed that you have to go further east to experience that! Louisville--properly pronounce ONLY if you are either a native Kentuckian OR if you have marbles in your mouth--was a quaint and quiet big city. I enjoyed it, even though we didn't spend a lot of time there. There is, however, a waitress there that will never forget us, as Christi hit her with Tracy's spunky monkey. It's a toy from The Spunky Monkey Store here in Fredericksburg, which is a monkey sling shot that screams as it's flying through the air! I bought it for Tracy and gave it to him at the sports bar & grill we stopped in to watch some FOOTBALL. Christi, while checking it out, accidentally let it go and bam! hits the waitress, scaring the crap out of her. Of course, Christi immediately melts under the table, leaving Tracy and I to explain!

Thanks guys for a wonderful vacation!! I LOVED IT!!


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