22 April 2011

Like A Sore Thumb...

I know I should be writing about all the amazing things I've seen today, but I'd rather tell you how everyone approaches April and I and asks where we are from.   I know that you're going to find this shocking, but, even seasoned travelers such as ourselves apparently stick out like a sore thumb, as we get approached A LOT (like, let's say, every 20 feet).

We get all sorts of responses, and, interestingly, America is never one of them.  England is the most popular, then a variety of other European countries before they give up and we divulge (although to the Germany response, April commented "but I'm not wearing socks with my sandals!!").  I suppose we should tell them immediately when they ask "hey pretty lady, you from England?"  but we smile, shake our head no and make them painfully guess a few more countries.

Today, however, as we are in the plaza in front of the Egyptian (aka Spice) Bazaar, an 80-ish year old woman pokes me (POKES ME!) in the arm and asks Armenia?  I couldn't even make her guess again, so I quickly responded with "No, American."  Which received a very befuddled look on her face.  I just smiled and walked away.


ps--in case you're wondering, I did pick up some Turkish Delight at the Spice Bazaar and even got the lovely gentleman to give April & I each a sample.  YUMMY :)

19 April 2011

Ready, Set, TURKEY!

Alright.  In a feat rarely seen before, I'm actually packed and ready to go.  crazy, but true.  of course, for those of you who know me well, you think i jest. 

alas...all that's left is to give some lovin' to the very pouty pupcicle.

Places we (April and I) will be visiting are as follows (in no particular order):


I have a feeling that I'm missing a spot or two.  Regardless, lots of beautiful places, bursting with beauty and history.

bon voyage!!