18 July 2006

Super Samson!

Meet Samson. My Cat. Okay, Kitten. I saved him. Which I'm sure for many of you explains why I--Sherry Lynn, aka Sheshie, Shezza, Sher-bear, et al--have a cat, well, kitten. He is Siamese and extremely vocal, even for a Siamese. He very dog-like, at least for now, and doesn't like to be alone and even runs to the door to greet me when I get home. Dammit if he isn't cute. And cuddley and will stalk and attack you any chance he gets....unless of course he's curled up sleeping. Naming him was quite a chore, as anyone involved will tell you. Originally, it was going to be Oliver, but that didn't seem to suit him. So I did what any girl would do--enlist friends to help....nothing seemed to fit--and after a lengthy conversation with Becca about Sinatra [her psycho-cat-from-hell], I promised not to name him anything REMOTELY to do with Frank [even though secretly I liked the name Frankie]. More time went by and I was working on my Australia blogs and having just emailed several people in Australia, someone had mentioned drinking Milo [an Australian chocolate malt drink, you can check it out at
http://www.nestle.com.au/milo/main.asp]. Perfect! That's what I was going to name him!! It's short, it's cute, he's short, he's cute and Attacks-with-Claws-and-Teeth seemed a bit long. Then it started happening....EVERYone EVERYwhere "ahhwwww....Milo. Like Milo and Otis! How cute!" WHAT?!?!?!??!!?!??!?!?!? Milo and what? Milo and Otis or to be more precise The Adventures of Milo & Otis. Milo the Cat and Otis the Dog. The movie plot from www.imdb.com reads "The adventures of a young cat and a dog as they find themselves accidentally separated and each swept into a hazardous trek. " Great. I cannot name my cat after some movie I've never seen and at this point now refuse to see. Milo--like the drink, I PROMISE!! Alas, resistance was futile and I couldn't handle being asked about it, so--while still calling him Milo--am pondering silently new names. And then it just came to me. Suddenly, one night while half watching tv/half playing with El Gato--Samson. I don't know--it just suddenly struck and stuck and the "where's Delilah?" comments aren't nearly as many as the "ahhwwww....Milo" comments. But he answers to Samson--as well as a Cat would answer a human being. And he's now sleeping [thankfully] through the night. I've bought several cat toys, which he loves, including a cube made of tent material that he rolls all over the house in...although stalking is still his game of choice [as poor David's feet can attest]...even though he hasn't quite mastered the art of skillfully waiting and tends to attack early with his front feet in the air [think more grizzly bear than prowling feline]. But I love him just the same!

:) shez