29 October 2008

They say...

it's going to be a very cold, very snowy winter. And today we got our very first taste of it.

it was just slight, melted before it even got to the ground, and if you blinked you might have missed it....but the whispers of winter are upon us....wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

yes, i AM excited (call me crazy if you must) but if i'm going to have to experience cold winters, I want snow! of course this means, i'm going to need a new heavy coat...

...and hot chocolate!!

...and find matching gloves--talk about Murphy's law: i have 7 gloves, none of which match. fortunately, I do have one matching pair, but options! i want options! and probably some nice warm ones, not the $1 knit ones from Target, but still, i find it hard to believe that 7 gloves went walkabout or spontaneously combusted....

...and snow boots or perhaps wellies--something that helps with both cold and wet....

of course I'm writing this as Gretchen is packing for warm, sunny Hawaii!! and well, i'm jealous of that too ;) yep, that's me--i want snow AND the beach! really, is that too much to ask????


27 October 2008

This Year It's All About Time!

To all you well-wishers--THANKS!! I had a great--albeit quiet--birthday! This is due mainly to mid-terms at school, the last of which is tomorrow!! YIPPEE!! :)

To all you non-well wishers--YOU SUCK!! ha! just kidding...actually thanks to facebook, myspace, cell phones and texting I heard from just about everyone i've had contact with in the last 34 years!!

So after much contemplation, I decided to give myself the gift of time for my birthday.

I took the day off of school and did NOT get out of my jammies!! Okay, so I spent the majority of the day studying and working on research projects, but I got to spend the majority of the day cuddling with the pupcicle, eating TimTams, and drinking Kona Peaberry coffee http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kona_coffee mmmm!!! alright so it's not breakfast at Rathskeller or shopping in Melbourne, but I had a great day--and after all, it is all about me!!!

I also gave myself a subscription to the New York TIMES.

And finally, a vow to make more TIME for my health, which admittedly I haven't been good about, which is ridiculous, given the access I have at my fingertips at one of the best medical care facilities in the country...so no more putting it off!! I'm not getting any younger you know!