25 September 2005

Happy Birthday Christi

Since I had to work at Cuvee the night of Christi's bithday, we both took off the during the day. When asked what she wanted to do, she replied that I had to decide because it was her birthday. fine. I told her she had to be ready by 8am....of course having a back up, knowing that she wouldn't be ready until 9am. we had breakfast at our fave brekkie spot (Rathskellar) and then headed to Llano. We stopped at Coopers and got BBQ to go (she's still wondering where we're going). And we head off east of Llano...in search of Fall Creek Vineyards (where I had a booking for a tasting and lunch). Of course, it would have been better had I not gotten lost. And when I had to turn around, it kind of freaked Christi out a bit, but she figured out where we were going and laughed that I got lost.

We arrive at FC and did a bit of tasting and then headed out to the patio area where we shared a bottle of wine and ate our BBQ....yum! yum! It was so beautiful and so peaceful. After leaving, we took the back roads to Marble Falls and went to see a movie (Flight Plan), arriving back in Fredericksburg in enough time for her to get ready to go out to dinner with Tracy.

I hope she had a great day, as I know I did!

:) shez


I have to gloat for about 5 seconds! The 23rd was Christi's birthday and so I decided to throw her a reverse surprise party (reverse in that instead of her coming into a room filled with people, she'd answer the door to a party on the porch). Thankfully, Teresa, Tracy, & David volunteered to help (although they might argue that I volunteered them....regardless, thanks to them everything went off smoother than even planned--all thanks to the birthday girl!)

Because I work at a restaurant, getting off on Friday was not an option, so we decided it would be on Thursday. I told her I had to work, Tracy told her he had to work, and Teresa invited her over for a late dinner/cake celebration (thus insuring she wouldn't go to the movies or decide to go to Kerrville). The plan was that I would "surprise" her by coming by after she got off of work and keep her busy until everyone had assembled at David's house (who lives in the same apt complex). I had a bottle of champagne and only 90 minutes to kill, so my part was going to be easy! Teresa would then call (making sure Christi was at home) and then everyone at David's house would walk over, knock on the door, and yell SURPRISE!! great plan, right? well, except for one little detail: the birthday girl!

My day was very busy. Teresa and I went shopping for food and decorations. I had lunch with my cousin Wendy and her beau Michael (who were fleeing Houston from Hurrican Rita). We stopped at the store and had to bite our tongues when Christi was asking about me working that night. After leaving W&M, I headed to Teresa's to make the cake (tres leches--turned out fabulous, but was a pain in the arse!) and get dinner together (hobo tacos). At 5:30, I showered, changed, grabbed the champagne, and headed to Christi's house. SHE'S NOT THERE! okay, so she worked a bit late. I call her, ask where she is (Wal-Mart getting pictures of her & Tracy's cruise developed), and let her know that I dropped off a present on my way to work (hoping that would lure her home sooner). nope. So I hang out waiting, waiting, waiting. I call again to see if she got the present (feigning excitement over a GREAT gift), she's still at Wal-Mart and thinking that I'm at work. Now it's 6:40 (everyone's meeting at David's between 6:45 and 7:00), I call Tracy to let him know that Christi's still at Wal-Mart and advised him to take the back roads, as I could just imagine Christi seeing Tracy drive down Main St (which would foil the plan, as he's supposed to be at work...in Kerrville). Change of plans--I decide that if everyone gets to David's before Christi gets home, we'll have a normal surprise party. At 7:00 I call David, everyone's there but for Sheila & Josh, so I have them come over (with Tracy calling Christi to make sure she's still at Wal-Mart). I call Sheila & Josh and tell them to come straight to Christi's house and once everyone is there, Teresa calls Christi and tells her that she and the girls are coming to her house for cake. So tick-tock, tick-tock....then the car pulls in. She gets out and she's on the phone, not paying attention, she unlocks the door, is looking down, looks up and we all yell SURPRISE!

It scares the crap out of her--she drops her purse, throws her phone in the air (thus disconnecting the call), and runs out of the apartment! After we retrieve her, the party was a hit (and obviously she was surprised!). A great time was had by all (at least a great time was had by me). And we ended the evening with the bottle of champagne.

I love it when things come together!