20 February 2007


Okay, it's official--I'm nuts!! [of course you knew this]

Stella got a sister. Her name is Addy. Someone just dropped her off at DDC and she was bouncing around among the staff and I just couldn't stand it...I couldn't.....I just couldn't. So I brought her home--with the understanding that IF Stella couldn't adjust, I'd have to bring her back, as it is Stella's home and she has to be okay with it.

I mean seriously--could you say no to this?

Of course, I didn't realize that she was still a puppy! Her original name was Bella, but that had to be changed, so I named her Addy--as in Adelaide, Queen of England from 1830-1837 [and is also the capitol of South Australia].

There have been a few growing pains--many caused by the fact that Addy is a lab puppy and doesn't know how to back down, much to the chagrin of her big sister. But because they're about the same size [YES, I AM CRAZY!] they play really well together. And Stella has taught little sister a couple of very handy things, such as jumping on the furniture and barking [Thanks Stel!] Stella likes to act very put-out by the new addition to our family...but seriously--does this look like a distressed dog?

tired? yep? distressed? i think not.

Unlike her big sister, Addy is a cuddly, follow Momma everywhere kind of dog. Although when I am stationary [ie sitting in the chair reading, playing my ds, watching telly], she will go outside and bask in the sunlight. Stella perches herself on the couch or bed to observe [i think mainly to avoid being pounced on by little sister!] And on a positive note for me, my arm muscles are starting to take more definite shape from walking these two mammoths!
crazy, i know....but happy!
:) shez

06 February 2007

Holy Super Closet Cleaning Batman!

I just found out--or actually was just reminded--that I have carpet, albeit old, in my closets! Who knew?!?!? I have begun the countdown until leaving--which may be in May or may be in June--but I am systematically, slowly, and thoroughly going through EVERY SINGLE INCH of my apartment and sorting everything--throwing out and giving away a large chunk of it!! I'm being very slow, but very productive!!

But it's giving me something to do in my spare time. Why all the spare time: Cuvee closed. Yep for good. Why? Who knows what really happened. All I know is that this put a HUGE kink in my getting out of here by May [which is why I'm not sure if I'm leaving in May or June] So, now I'm looking for another night/weekend job...unfortunately, it's slow here in The 'Burg right now, so not many people are hiring and of course, the wineshop is my first priority which doesn't make my schedule very flexible. Plus I was extremely spoiled and the thought of "breaking" in new people isn't appealling right now!

I am enjoying the quiet evenings at home....of course, since we were given NO warning about Cuvee, I didn't have time to budget adjust, so I'm uber-poor right now. I've adjusted things like phone, car payment, student loan payment and cable, but not in time for February payments. Oh well, thank goodness February is a short month--6 days down, 22 to go!! Fortunately, I just bought coffee--otherwise the rest of the month might have just gotten ugly!!

Alright, must go--mountain of laundry [blocking the shower & toliet...you laugh, I'm serious!] is calling....

ciao for now!
:I shez