25 December 2007

Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas...

YAY!!!!!!!!!! A day o' rest! A day o' rest! I attempted to tell Addy that we could sleep in this morning...and she did--at least until 5:30am...I argued with her until about 6:15 and finally gave up and kicked her outside. Oh well, I did get a few more hours of sleep!

After pancakes and opening of gifts, I perused the telly for some great b&w Christmas movies. NONE. what the????

So I watched a bit of A Christmas Story (I watched it twice last night!), then flipped over to ESPN. WHAT? NO FOOTBALL EITHER???? double what the??

So let's recap: NO snow, NO black and white classic Christmas movies, and NO football...sigh...so, I did what anyone would do in my situation: took a nap!!

Woke up, splurged on lunch and made Dorito Gook (a mexican casserole family favorite for those of you who've never had the pleasure!). Did a bit of playing around on the computer--sent out a few text messages, talk to several of you on the phone...and then did what anyone in my situation would do: took another nap. Had I thought for 1/2 a second that I could have actually slept until I needed to get up, I would have attempted it. But for fear of being wide awake at midnight, made myself get up and took Addy for a walk. Talked to a few more people on the phone, sent a few more text messages, and after I submit a couple of entries on my blogs, I'm calling it a day and going to bed!

Probably not the most exciting Christmas ever, but it allowed me a day of rest, which is EXACTLY what I asked Santa for this year! I guess that means that I made The Good List!

So what did Santa bring you? Anything fun and exciting? I hope so. Here's wishing you and your family a wonderful holiday season and a Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas!

24 December 2007

Rockefeller Plaza

Since it is Christmas Eve and since I have no real Christmas plans and since I now LIVE in New York City, I can go see the ROCKEFELLER tree!! So after work, I ventured up to Rockefeller Plaza, fought my way through the masses waiting to see the Rockettes and those attempting to venture to the famous tree. I rounded the corner (walking AROUND a family whose children kept stopping to look in various store windows) and there it was....ahhh, there in it's beautiful masiveness....although very different than what I was expecting. For some reason, I thought it'd be decorated with more than just lights. But it was still magnificent to say the very least!

I walked around to the other side of the plaza to the ice skating rink. It was rather intoxicatingly holidayish to watch the skaters with the fountain and tree in the back ground with the red and green decorations all around....beautiful and I'm sooo happy to have gone to see it on Christmas Eve!

On the way home, while waiting for the bus--who did I see? Santa!! Who--with his present sack in tow--was waiting for a bus or a ride of some sort, apparently, to pick up his sleigh which was being serviced right here in Staten Island!! The best part was all of the traffic who would stop and greet him as they were driving by....it was great!!
The only hitch in the whole day is the lack of snow....phooey! I just knew I was going to get a white Christmas! Sigh...I guess there's always next year!!
Happy Holidays!

02 December 2007

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow...

Today is Sunday...my one and only complete day off of work and school. Having closed last night [leaving at 11:15pm, catching the 12:30am ferry, and getting home just after 1am], am hoping for a bit of a sleep in....of course Addy had other plans. She did let me sleep "in" until 7am. Annoyed with only about 5 hours of sleep, I get up to kick her outside when what do my eyes see??? BIG WHITE FLUFFY flakes falling from the sky. IT'S SNOWING IT'S SNOWING IT'S SNOWING! okay, so the urge to go back to sleep is gone, I start the coffee and sit and watch the snow falling for a few hours...and it turns out Addy LOVES snow! She was running around, frolicking, rolling around it in--for about 10 minutes and then wanted in...[of course!]

After it had stopped snowing, I dug out the snow shovel and went to work on the front sidewalk for all the people trying to get to the bus stop....Addy, excited by the prospect of fresh--i.e. not played in--snow in the front yard was happy to hang out for about 30 minutes, while I cleared a path for the pedestrians, having to be called into the house when I was done--with snow stuck to her nose and top of her head [damn not having the camera handy--it was pretty darn cute, even if I do say so myself!]

After a brief trek to the grocery store, decided it was too treacherous to drag all my laundry up the hill and instead opted for spending the rest of the day curled up on the couch, drinking hot chocolate, snuggling with Addy, trying to catch up on a bit of homework, and watching some football. What a great day off!!