24 December 2007

Rockefeller Plaza

Since it is Christmas Eve and since I have no real Christmas plans and since I now LIVE in New York City, I can go see the ROCKEFELLER tree!! So after work, I ventured up to Rockefeller Plaza, fought my way through the masses waiting to see the Rockettes and those attempting to venture to the famous tree. I rounded the corner (walking AROUND a family whose children kept stopping to look in various store windows) and there it was....ahhh, there in it's beautiful masiveness....although very different than what I was expecting. For some reason, I thought it'd be decorated with more than just lights. But it was still magnificent to say the very least!

I walked around to the other side of the plaza to the ice skating rink. It was rather intoxicatingly holidayish to watch the skaters with the fountain and tree in the back ground with the red and green decorations all around....beautiful and I'm sooo happy to have gone to see it on Christmas Eve!

On the way home, while waiting for the bus--who did I see? Santa!! Who--with his present sack in tow--was waiting for a bus or a ride of some sort, apparently, to pick up his sleigh which was being serviced right here in Staten Island!! The best part was all of the traffic who would stop and greet him as they were driving by....it was great!!
The only hitch in the whole day is the lack of snow....phooey! I just knew I was going to get a white Christmas! Sigh...I guess there's always next year!!
Happy Holidays!

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april said...

Does this mean we can't breeze by Rockefeller Plaza and the sights while I'm visiting? Ooh, how far is it from your work?