20 December 2006

A Christmas Carol from a Different Point of View

[as sung to O Holy Night, my favorite Christmas song]

O Holy Crap
I really hate my bray-ces
I'd like to rip the-em offff of my teeth....

But I paid a lot and lot of money
And so far, I've lost 6 pounds

Food gets suck
and now I lo-ok sev-ven

My jaw really hurts and
my inner cheeks are calloused

Oooooooh my lips are swollen.
They look so very sexy,
But if someone tries to kiss me,
I'd probably punch him in the face...

Oh crap....these braces hurt...but at least it's not dentures....

thank you....thank you very much....obviously I've had a bit too much pain medication...or perhaps not enough!

Happy Holidays everybody!!
:I shez