13 December 2005

Happy Holidays are Here!

I love the holidays!! The decorations, giving gifts, smiling faces, lots of amaretto in my eggnog....it's a wonderful thing!

Today is one of those days where I'm at home baking cookies, drinking eggnog, and if I look outside it's a bit overcast, so I can pretend that it's cold and about to snow any minute. But knowing that if I left something in my car, I can go get it in jeans, t-shirt, and flipflops. Ahhh, you gotta love Texas in the winter!! Last week: colder than Anchorage, AK...this week sweaters and jackets optional!

I have OFFICIALLY lost my mind (although Becca's so proud) I have taken up knitting. I'm not exactly sure why or even how or what, but there I was in Target and they had knitting kits on sale for $12 (curse Target and their sales!). The next thing I know, I'm buying and attempting to knit. And it wasn't just a passing phase, I then proceeded to pop into our local knit/crochet shop and purchased some more yarn, a book on knitting, some BIG ASS needles, and decided I should try crocheting as well. Someone stop me, I'm crazy!!!!

I should go....the cookie timer is beeping at me and I still have lots of presents to wrap!!

Have a Happy Holiday season!!
shez :)

27 October 2005

Happy Birthday to Me!!

Happy Birthday to me! Happy Birthday to me!! I had a great birthday!! I was to meet Christi & David for shopping in San Marcos. However, when I arrived at Christi's house, I was also greeted by Teresa & Maly for a birthday breakfast--complete with mimosas (well, okay--just OJ for Mal!) After that, Christi, David, and I headed off to the outlet malls in San Marcos and spent the day shopping, shopping, shopping!!! I got some great stuff and even a couple of Christmas gifts! Boy, am I on the ball!! After a long day of shopping, we were met by Gretchen who drove in from Austin after work and went to a taco hut for a great dinner--it was a dive, so of course the food was yummy!! Thanks guys for a great day!!

:) shez

25 September 2005

Happy Birthday Christi

Since I had to work at Cuvee the night of Christi's bithday, we both took off the during the day. When asked what she wanted to do, she replied that I had to decide because it was her birthday. fine. I told her she had to be ready by 8am....of course having a back up, knowing that she wouldn't be ready until 9am. we had breakfast at our fave brekkie spot (Rathskellar) and then headed to Llano. We stopped at Coopers and got BBQ to go (she's still wondering where we're going). And we head off east of Llano...in search of Fall Creek Vineyards (where I had a booking for a tasting and lunch). Of course, it would have been better had I not gotten lost. And when I had to turn around, it kind of freaked Christi out a bit, but she figured out where we were going and laughed that I got lost.

We arrive at FC and did a bit of tasting and then headed out to the patio area where we shared a bottle of wine and ate our BBQ....yum! yum! It was so beautiful and so peaceful. After leaving, we took the back roads to Marble Falls and went to see a movie (Flight Plan), arriving back in Fredericksburg in enough time for her to get ready to go out to dinner with Tracy.

I hope she had a great day, as I know I did!

:) shez


I have to gloat for about 5 seconds! The 23rd was Christi's birthday and so I decided to throw her a reverse surprise party (reverse in that instead of her coming into a room filled with people, she'd answer the door to a party on the porch). Thankfully, Teresa, Tracy, & David volunteered to help (although they might argue that I volunteered them....regardless, thanks to them everything went off smoother than even planned--all thanks to the birthday girl!)

Because I work at a restaurant, getting off on Friday was not an option, so we decided it would be on Thursday. I told her I had to work, Tracy told her he had to work, and Teresa invited her over for a late dinner/cake celebration (thus insuring she wouldn't go to the movies or decide to go to Kerrville). The plan was that I would "surprise" her by coming by after she got off of work and keep her busy until everyone had assembled at David's house (who lives in the same apt complex). I had a bottle of champagne and only 90 minutes to kill, so my part was going to be easy! Teresa would then call (making sure Christi was at home) and then everyone at David's house would walk over, knock on the door, and yell SURPRISE!! great plan, right? well, except for one little detail: the birthday girl!

My day was very busy. Teresa and I went shopping for food and decorations. I had lunch with my cousin Wendy and her beau Michael (who were fleeing Houston from Hurrican Rita). We stopped at the store and had to bite our tongues when Christi was asking about me working that night. After leaving W&M, I headed to Teresa's to make the cake (tres leches--turned out fabulous, but was a pain in the arse!) and get dinner together (hobo tacos). At 5:30, I showered, changed, grabbed the champagne, and headed to Christi's house. SHE'S NOT THERE! okay, so she worked a bit late. I call her, ask where she is (Wal-Mart getting pictures of her & Tracy's cruise developed), and let her know that I dropped off a present on my way to work (hoping that would lure her home sooner). nope. So I hang out waiting, waiting, waiting. I call again to see if she got the present (feigning excitement over a GREAT gift), she's still at Wal-Mart and thinking that I'm at work. Now it's 6:40 (everyone's meeting at David's between 6:45 and 7:00), I call Tracy to let him know that Christi's still at Wal-Mart and advised him to take the back roads, as I could just imagine Christi seeing Tracy drive down Main St (which would foil the plan, as he's supposed to be at work...in Kerrville). Change of plans--I decide that if everyone gets to David's before Christi gets home, we'll have a normal surprise party. At 7:00 I call David, everyone's there but for Sheila & Josh, so I have them come over (with Tracy calling Christi to make sure she's still at Wal-Mart). I call Sheila & Josh and tell them to come straight to Christi's house and once everyone is there, Teresa calls Christi and tells her that she and the girls are coming to her house for cake. So tick-tock, tick-tock....then the car pulls in. She gets out and she's on the phone, not paying attention, she unlocks the door, is looking down, looks up and we all yell SURPRISE!

It scares the crap out of her--she drops her purse, throws her phone in the air (thus disconnecting the call), and runs out of the apartment! After we retrieve her, the party was a hit (and obviously she was surprised!). A great time was had by all (at least a great time was had by me). And we ended the evening with the bottle of champagne.

I love it when things come together!

08 August 2005

Happy Birthday Bubba!

Ta-da! I think I finally figured out how to add photos!

See you can teach an old dog new tricks!!

This is my bubba (aka Robert or Henry, depending on who you are) and his wife Lauren. I'm putting this pic in because today is his birthday!

Happy Birthday, Little Brother!

:) shez

ps--a prize to whomever is the first to respond with the name he calls me! :)

04 August 2005

New Additions....

So I'm back in Fredericksburg, working, working, working--well, i have a lot of saving up to do! Thanks in part to
a) being pyschotic enough to want to go to med school and
b) Penny's getting hitched next April, so I'm going back Down Under (YAY! I'm so excited) and I'd like to stay for at least a month (maybe a bit longer, if I can talk Christi, Tom, & Len into extending my leave and of course, funds permitting--bigger if than getting more time off work!!)

But the really exciting news is the addition of three very important people into my life:

Ewan James
Nik Kramaric

Jessica Brooke

Of course none live close by, so while I haven't seen any of them YET, I'm sure all are gorgeous!

A quick shout out to April, my main supplier of postcards of England, Ireland, & Scotland! Hope you're having a fabulous time!!!

I think that's all I have to report right now!

shez :)

19 July 2005

Land of 10,000 Lakes

On my final full day of my trip, I truly learned why Minnesota is referred to as the Land of 10,000 Lakes! I don't think we ever drove (and we drove a lot that day!) more than 15 minutes without seeing a lake! We awoke early on a mission and our first stop was to see Paul Bunyon and Babe the Blue Ox in his "birthplace", Bainerd. Ignoring warnings by April's mother that the statue of the famous Minnesotans had moved (because, well, we DID look it up on the internet the night before!), we arrived to find that they didn't quite move, but the property had been purchased by a bowling alley and were now shamelessly using Paul & Babe to advertise the alley. Gone was Paul's axe and in it's place a bowling ball. Babe at first glance looked rabid, but upon closer inspection, found him to be holding bowling pins in his mouth. Dejected and wanting proof of this austrocity, we snapped a few pics and aimlessly drove around hoping to find a more accurate Paul & Babe (as I don't ever remember reading "Paul Bunyon & Babe the Blue Ox Go Bowling"). Alas, we found nothing, so we headed southeast for our next stop: Mille Lacs Lake.

Probably one of the biggest lakes in MN (at least the 2nd biggest lake that I saw), Mille Lacs is the spring/summer/autumn home of the Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe (or as we call them Chippewa). We visited the Indian Museum and Trading Post and learned how wild rice is gathered--in canoes guided by the men, while women used knockers (drumstick looking tools) to tap the mature rice into the canoe. After a few purchases at the Trading Post, we headed northeast for the final destination of the day: Duluth and Lake Superior.

It took awhile to drive around Mille Lacs, but soon we were headed for Duluth. As we headed down into Duluth, we immediately noticed two things: the great view of the harbor and the sudden drop in temperature (about 15 degrees!). We wandered up and down the shores of Lake Superior (holy fishing boat batman! it's huge!) for awhile and headed to Red Lobster for lunch (well...it came highly recommended by 4 different Duluthians!) and had a HUGE feast that included some good ol' Minnesotan beer. We checked out a few more places and then drove across a really cool drawbridge and into....Minnesota. Urgh! I just knew Wisconsin was across the lake somewhere! Drove back across the bridge, down a few streets, over another bridge and....welcome to Wisconsin! It was great! It was fabulous! It took like three minutes and then we turned around and came back....sigh....(of course April found it highly amusing!) Anyway, we finished looking around Duluth via car and then headed back to St. Paul to meet Jena for ice cream. I had birthday cake with raspberries and when I tipped them, the ice cream men started singing and looked sad when I asked them to stop....so I asked them to resume--right about the time April slipped out the door, as eveyone was now staring (ahhh....leave it to me to cause a scene!).

Alas, my trip was over (boo-hoo) and April dropped me off at the airport at some ungodly hour the next morning. It was a fabulous trip and visiting Minnesota comes highly recommended :)

cheers! :) shez

20 June 2005

You Bet'cha

Okay, so where was I? Oh yes, St. Paul. Charles Schultz is from MN and all over St. Paul are Snoopys, Charlie Browns, Linuses, and Lucys! Whenever I figure out how to post pictures, I post one of Lucy & I outside an Old Fashioned Candy Shoppe. We ended our day in St. Paul by eating at Mickey's, which is a dining streetcar! It was so cool--there were about 25 seats, max, and you had to pay more for sitting in a booth. I figured what the heck, I'm on vacation and April grabbed a booth, some good grub, and finished with a root beer float! I was in heaven (although I'm sure the scales reflected otherwise!)

The next day, we headed to Minneapolis, had a look around the University of Minnesota--which is separated by the Mississippi River--and I discovered the joys (not!) of having class on East Bank and then having 10 minutes to book it to the next class, which was on the West Bank. We did a bit a shopping and then went downtown to have a browse around. We stopped in at the Hard Rock for a few token souveniers and ate some Minnesotan-Mex, which I have to admit is the closest to TexMex that I've been able to find. It could have, of course, been the fact that I was enamored with our waiter, who carded me....nah!!!!!! *grin*

After lunch, we headed back into St. Paul to take a boat ride down the Mighty Mississip. It was very Huck Finn, well, okay, not so much, but it was a historic guided tour (which means that every 15 minutes or so, a Mark Twain-esque announcer described some event that happened on whatever part of the river were we were floating). That evening we picked up Maddie (April's niece) and went to see The Hobbit, which was showing at the Children's Theatre. The play was good and the set design was amazing!

The next morning, we departed rather early for my Mini-Minnesota tour. It all started with a quest to find Paul Bunyon & Babe the Blue Ox and ended up at Lake Superior and crossing over into Wis-cahn-son. But unfortunately, I must dash, so I will have to save it for the next blurp!

have a great day!

:) shez

19 June 2005


Well, I'm back from my vacation....and as is usual, I could've definitely used another week!

Minnesota was great! I had so much fun!! (THANKS APRIL!!!!!!!) It was so beautiful and green and amazing and I know why it's referred to as the Land of Ten Thousand Lakes! However, I definitely couldn't live there in the winter. Yep, I am a wimp. I embrace this!

After a 2 hour delayed layover at DFW, I landed in Minneapolis around 1pm, got my bags and hopped the train to the Mall of America. It was huge. It had roller coasters, a ferris wheel, 4 stories of shopping (Bloomingdales!), a food court that went on and on and on and on, a huge movie theatre, and an aquarium. But the coolest part was Leggo Land!! 4 stories and leggos of every size and color and kits that allowed you to build everything from a life-size Harry Potter to any of the Star Wars characters and most of the ships as well!! I met April there and we spent the rest of the afternoon having a look around and doing a bit of shopping. I splurged and bought a really cool blue goldstone ring made from a Minnesotan Jewelry Commune. I even saw a slice (yes, a slice) of pizza that was--honestly--bigger than Ginger.

The next day was spent having a look around St. Paul. We went to the capitol building and I saw a picture of Jesse Ventura, as proof that it wasn't a bad joke--he indeed had been the Governor. I got to see a lot of St. Paul that day....in a vain attempt to find F. Scott Fitzgerald's house. In the end (without realizing it) we passed several times, finally admitting defeat and decided to move on and see other things namely lakes, the Mississippi River and some Indian Burial Mounds.

Not quite knowing the appropriate blogger etiquette on the length of each entry, I shall end here, but promise to be back soon with more tales of sightseeing, driving, boat rides, a play, and of couse, Paul Bunyon!

bye for now! have a great day!

:) shez

12 May 2005

Queen of Procrastination!

Okay, so it's taken me awhile to have another post....if you know me, this isn't shocking news, as I am the Queen of Procrastination! And as you can see, I've done nothing with the site since the last time! hey! I've never proclaimed to be proficient at this!

Still awaiting news on the MCAT, but hopefully, I should be hearing something within the next few weeks! fingers crossed!

Right now, in addition to working all the time, I'm currently house/petsitting until the end of May. Which has been fun and not too demanding (of course, the hottub helps!). My charges include Penny, a golden lab, as well as Max, Larry, and Baby Kitty, three felines who tolerate me only because I feed them.

Also at the end of May, the Pedlers are coming to visit! I'm so excited!! They are part of my Australian family and are here in the States for Rotary International Conference in Chicago in June. They decided to come early and do a bit of travelling around the country before the convention and I'm lucky enough to get them for several days!

And while I'm speaking of travelling, I'm actually taking a week's vacation and heading to Minnesota to visit April and from there, to Salt Lake City to watch a World Cup Qualifying match with Matthew. I'm soooo excited!!

well, I guess that's it for now! Have a great day!

:) shez

18 April 2005

There's a First Time for Everything!

Well, here it is--my very first posting! Becca recommended [albeit, some time ago!] that I get a blog so that family & friends could keep up with me! I promised that when I finished studying (and then taking) the MCAT, I would get one straightaway. The test was Saturday--and allllllll day long Saturday--so here I am Monday morning-ish working on it!

For those of you who know me--skip to the next paragraph. For those of you just visiting, here's a bit of background information about me: I grew up in Fredericksburg, Texas. I have lived all on 3 different continents (North America, Europe, and Australia), but only 2 states (TX & VA) and 1 territory (Washington DC). I have a Bachelor of General Studies from West Texas A&M University in Canyon, Texas and a Graduate Diploma in Biological Anthropology from the Australian National University. As you can tell from my intro, I'm attempting to get into med school, wanting to study epidemiology/infectious diseases. Where I don't know--that'll be my next adventure!

Now that the MCAT is done....and my brain no longer feels like jello....I have about a 2 month wait on my scores (sigh), and then it'll be time to apply (for next year). I'll keep you updated on the schools I apply to--leading the list right now is Tulane (in New Orleans), but I'm still searching, so if any of you have suggestions, please feel free to post them!!

Um, I guess that's about it for this posting! Have a great day! :) shez