19 June 2005


Well, I'm back from my vacation....and as is usual, I could've definitely used another week!

Minnesota was great! I had so much fun!! (THANKS APRIL!!!!!!!) It was so beautiful and green and amazing and I know why it's referred to as the Land of Ten Thousand Lakes! However, I definitely couldn't live there in the winter. Yep, I am a wimp. I embrace this!

After a 2 hour delayed layover at DFW, I landed in Minneapolis around 1pm, got my bags and hopped the train to the Mall of America. It was huge. It had roller coasters, a ferris wheel, 4 stories of shopping (Bloomingdales!), a food court that went on and on and on and on, a huge movie theatre, and an aquarium. But the coolest part was Leggo Land!! 4 stories and leggos of every size and color and kits that allowed you to build everything from a life-size Harry Potter to any of the Star Wars characters and most of the ships as well!! I met April there and we spent the rest of the afternoon having a look around and doing a bit of shopping. I splurged and bought a really cool blue goldstone ring made from a Minnesotan Jewelry Commune. I even saw a slice (yes, a slice) of pizza that was--honestly--bigger than Ginger.

The next day was spent having a look around St. Paul. We went to the capitol building and I saw a picture of Jesse Ventura, as proof that it wasn't a bad joke--he indeed had been the Governor. I got to see a lot of St. Paul that day....in a vain attempt to find F. Scott Fitzgerald's house. In the end (without realizing it) we passed several times, finally admitting defeat and decided to move on and see other things namely lakes, the Mississippi River and some Indian Burial Mounds.

Not quite knowing the appropriate blogger etiquette on the length of each entry, I shall end here, but promise to be back soon with more tales of sightseeing, driving, boat rides, a play, and of couse, Paul Bunyon!

bye for now! have a great day!

:) shez

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Rebecca said...

i'm so jealous ---- now if you tell me there's a yarn store, i'm jumpin on a plane!!!
the kidlets LOVED their postcards!

blogger etiquette... ummmm nope. there is none - so post on, sistah!