30 September 2009

Whaddya Mean There's A Vancouver, WASHINGTON?!?!?!?

So after a relaxing evening chillaxing, April & I got up very early, had a bit of brekkie, and then headed back to the train station to catch our next train from Seattle to Vancouver, which is where we were embarking on the cruise.

We're standing in line to check our luggage, when April overheard the ticket attendant asking the couple in front of us if they were going to Vancouver, Washington or Vancouver, British Columbia.

WHAT?  Vancouver, Washington?  Really?  There is such a place?

Apparently.  So when it is our turn, April confirms that our tickets are to Vancouver, CANADA (eh...lol).  Good thing she checked, because NO, in fact, our tickets were to Vancouver, Washington.


NOW WHAT?  The attendant, sensing our panic--our ship was leaving at 5pm that day with or without us--directed us to the ticketing office across the station.  Sheepishly, we walked up and explained our situation and begged Adam, the very nice ticketing agent, to help us get to Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada before our ship left port and we were stuck getting to the next port (Juneau) on our own dime.  Adam, calmly checked and informed us that for $20(ish) extra, he could rebook our tickets getting us to our desired Vancouver destination in time to catch our boat and avert any further crisis.

WE LOVE ADAM!  i may have even told him this.  what?  genius should be recognized!

Our new train is leaving soon, so we just take the opportunity to use the facilities and grab snacks for later.  I get in line to get our seat assignments.  At first, I just fell in line with the people already queued up, however, then notice that it's the First Class Line.  While April & I are completely first class, our tickets were not.  However, there's no one in the Economy line, so I just slide on over and into first place!

Along comes an attendant who begins seating assignments, with, of course, First Class first.  Turns out half the First Class line actually needed to be in the Economy line and they all got in line after us.  Except for one elderly gentleman, who tried to move in front of me.

I said (I'm quite sure to the shock of April) "Excuse me, but we were first."

He loudly proclaims "I have been here since 5:30am, I am first."

Should've left it alone, but I didn't.  I mean, he's old, but then I realize his wife is in line behind me...so it's not like they were completely oblivious to the entire "queuing up" process.

"Okay, but you were in the wrong line and we were first in this line.  Perhaps you should go stand with your wife."


At this point the attendant finishes with First Class and joins our conversation and says "she's right, they were in the correct line first.  I'm sorry, but you need to go to the end of the line."

OUCH.  Needless to say (but saying it anyway), he wasn't happy.  at all.  and proceeded to glare at me and April (the innocent bystander) for the remainder of our waiting period.

The kicker...our seats were right across the aisle from theirs.  HA HA HA  oh isn't it ironic.

Nonetheless we had more important things on our mind--we were now on the correct train to take us to Vancouver, British Columbia, CANADA (eh)....