06 December 2008

Good-bye Sweet Stella....

Unfortunately, I have some very sad news. My beloved, Stella has died. I know she wasn't with me long, but the heaviness that is in my heart is undescribable.

I didn't think anything would be harder than leaving her in Texas, but now I realize that the hardest thing is going home and she won't be there to greet me with that goofy, lopsided grin with her tongue hanging out.

There's so much I want to say, but nothing wants to come out....

Good-bye, my sweet Stella-bella--Momma loves you and home just won't be the same without you...

19 November 2008


I met Tiki Barber. I tried to remain calm. I did admit that I was a Cowboy fan. Nico took our picture....wait...let me start from the beginning...

Tiki Barber, former running back to the New York Giants (for those of you who do not know), came in the store to do a signing for his new book. Also, for those of you who do not know, I am a huge Tiki Barber fan. I realize being a Cowboy fan this is considered a act of treason and on more than one occassion by more than one friend (namely Christi and Jen) when the Cowboys were playing the Giants, I would get a talking to about knowing where my loyalties lie (with the 'Boys of course!).

But I was still excited that Tiki Barber would be in the store!! Of course, I didn't really expect to meet him because I had no intention of buying his book--but a girl can hope that perhaps I would meet him in the offices before/after the signing. Nico, who is helping control the crowd, calls me down and says "do you want to meet him?" but I can't. Okay, if I'm buying his book and getting him to sign it or he comes to the cafe or I see him down in the office area, but I can't just walk up and ask to be introduced.

So Jason (my boss) comes up to the cafe and says "Tiki wants to take you to dinner." I will refrain from writing my response in the event small children are reading this. ha ha...he's so freaking funny. Jason says "c'mon I'll take you down"....and after a bit of cajoling (yes, my rarely seen shy side had kicked in) I finally follow him downstairs, where I went and stood next to Nico just to observe.

When the line finally had a lull, Nico (who kept commenting that she needed to get a mop for all the drool I was producing) called Jay (her boss) over and asked him if he would introduce me to Tiki. Jay was a bit hestitant, afterall, I AM a Longhorn fan and Jay's a diehard Sooner (boo!), but gives in and introduces me. :)

ooh...I wonder what my hair looks like....sorry....ahem...

I shake his hand and say that it's a pleasure, as I'm a big fan...and I shouldn't be because I'm a Cowboy fan (what??? I couldn't lie to him!!). So he stands up--as he noticed that Nico had out her camera--while shaking his head about being a Cowboy fan. Nico comments that she's going to send the picture to my entire family--to which I respond, "please don't--I don't wanna be disowned." Tiki laughed and said, "just tell them it's Ronde!" (again, for those of you don't know his twin brother who plays for the Buccaneers, who are NOT in the same division as the Cowboys).

ahhhh...I think I'm still glowing.


17 November 2008

It's A Small World After All...

We just got a new Dean of the Sociomedical Dept, whom I met last week. Rumor had it that she was from Austin. Turns out she's from Amarillo, but went to school in Austin...and studied widowhood...in FREDERICKSBURG! ANNNNNNNDDDDD....her dad? Dean of the Psychology Dept at WTAMU (where I did my undergrad for those of you who were wondering...)

It's a small, small world!


05 November 2008

The Times, They Are A'Changing....

Congratulations to Senator Obama. Congratulations to everyone who got out there and voted or served as election officials or campaigned or actively got involved in the debate.

This is a monumental time in American history and one that we can all be proud of, regardless of who was voted for on this ticket. If you voted Democrat, you voted for potentially the first Black President. If you voted Republican, you voted for potentially the first female Vice-President. History would have been made regardless of the outcome. 100 years ago, either scenario would have been thought inconceivable. 50 years ago, either would have been considered incongruous. 25 years ago, improbable.

Yet here we are.

The country has spoken: it's time for a change--a time to move forward. Our first Black President. That alone speaks volumes. The road has been long and tumultuous for Black people in this country and I don't profess to even begin to know what that feels like. I grew up in a very sheltered existence smack dab in the middle of Texas. But this morning in class, my professor provided a very emotional insight into just how significant yesterday's result. He was a family friend of Andy Goodman, a NY civil rights activist, who--along with fellow activists James Cheney and Michael Schwerner--were abducted, tortured, and killed by local Mississippi Klansmen. The three men (Goodman and Schwerner were from NY, Cheney from MS) were participating in Freedom Summer, 1964, where thousands of civil rights activists came to Mississippi to register Black voters, where virtually no Blacks were registered to vote, mainly due to fear of being persecuted by the Ku Klux Klan. During the 10 week program, 4 activists were killed, 4 critically wounded, 1000 arrested, 80 beaten, and 67 churches, homes, and businesses were bombed or burned.

My professor talked about the climate of the time in New York--he was asked to stay with the Goodman family to lend support for his friend, Andy's younger brother, while the family focused on trying to find Andy and friends who went missing on June 21st and whose bodies were not found until August 4 buried in a dam in the swamps. They died because they believed that everyone had a right to vote. They died because they chose to do what was difficult. They died because they believed.

But their fight persevered, and 44 years later here we are--with 122 million (at the last count...and they're still being counted) people going to the polls to cast their vote. It's estimated that this is the largest voter turnout since 1960 Kennedy/Nixon race. Of course we'll have to wait for the final numbers, but it's estimated the voter turnout to be around 63%--and that my friends is very exciting!

I truly believe that many of the problems facing our great nation have been caused by apathy by the American public to be involved in politics. Everyone is bitching, yet no one wants to stand up and do something. Until we can talk and discuss and debate the issues, we can't fix them. Until we start taking an interest in our political future and holding politicians accountable for their actions, we can't fix anything.

Unfortunately for Senator McCain, after 8 years of Bush and Cheney, the Republican Party had to be held accountable for their actions. I do have to commend him on his concession speech--it was eloquent and very thought provoking and I hope that Senator McCain will continue to be the Maverick and bring the parties together for the benefit of this country. Now more than ever it is important for our country to continue to grow and move forward. Regardless, I am quite sure whatever endeavor he embarks upon from here, he will be successful.

It is amazing, the change--overnight--in this city. Everyone was smiling, everyone was laughing, floating on Cloud 9 if you will. No one is naive enough to believe that are problems are going to magically disappear, because they're not. This administration has a long and difficult road ahead of them, but I think that they can do it. I personally think we are on the right path. I realize that 56 million people disagree with me, but part of what makes this country so great is that we get to disagree and it's okay. We get to debate and it's okay. We get to move forward and make this country a better place for our children and their children because, as Eugene reminded me yesterday, while we all have different theories on how it should be done, we all want what's best for our country and our fellow countrymen.

I feel that the time is now and we have exciting times ahead of us. And I hope that this election will serve as a springboard for open communications and a renewed and continuing interest in our nation's political interests. That is truly how Change Can Happen.


04 November 2008


It's Election Day here in America! So if you live the 50 States take a bit of time and GO VOTE! If you don't vote, then I'm sorry you can't complain! I don't care if you exercising your right not to vote, that's fine, but then I'm exercising my right to not listen to you!

So, I'm geared up for the long lines they're predicting here in NYC--estimated 1-5 hour wait! eek! good thing I have a good book I'm reading (and that I have to finish for class tomorrow!)

In the wise words of Florida--vote early, vote often! Just kidding, contary to popular belief you can only vote once, you have to be alive and over 18, and there's nothing wrong with the polls--do not wait until tomorrow!


29 October 2008

They say...

it's going to be a very cold, very snowy winter. And today we got our very first taste of it.

it was just slight, melted before it even got to the ground, and if you blinked you might have missed it....but the whispers of winter are upon us....wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

yes, i AM excited (call me crazy if you must) but if i'm going to have to experience cold winters, I want snow! of course this means, i'm going to need a new heavy coat...

...and hot chocolate!!

...and find matching gloves--talk about Murphy's law: i have 7 gloves, none of which match. fortunately, I do have one matching pair, but options! i want options! and probably some nice warm ones, not the $1 knit ones from Target, but still, i find it hard to believe that 7 gloves went walkabout or spontaneously combusted....

...and snow boots or perhaps wellies--something that helps with both cold and wet....

of course I'm writing this as Gretchen is packing for warm, sunny Hawaii!! and well, i'm jealous of that too ;) yep, that's me--i want snow AND the beach! really, is that too much to ask????


27 October 2008

This Year It's All About Time!

To all you well-wishers--THANKS!! I had a great--albeit quiet--birthday! This is due mainly to mid-terms at school, the last of which is tomorrow!! YIPPEE!! :)

To all you non-well wishers--YOU SUCK!! ha! just kidding...actually thanks to facebook, myspace, cell phones and texting I heard from just about everyone i've had contact with in the last 34 years!!

So after much contemplation, I decided to give myself the gift of time for my birthday.

I took the day off of school and did NOT get out of my jammies!! Okay, so I spent the majority of the day studying and working on research projects, but I got to spend the majority of the day cuddling with the pupcicle, eating TimTams, and drinking Kona Peaberry coffee http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kona_coffee mmmm!!! alright so it's not breakfast at Rathskeller or shopping in Melbourne, but I had a great day--and after all, it is all about me!!!

I also gave myself a subscription to the New York TIMES.

And finally, a vow to make more TIME for my health, which admittedly I haven't been good about, which is ridiculous, given the access I have at my fingertips at one of the best medical care facilities in the country...so no more putting it off!! I'm not getting any younger you know!


08 September 2008

Back in the Saddle Again...

Well, school's officially started back up.

So far, so good, although it's only the start of week 2!!

I have officially decided to change my discipline--don't panic--I'm not changing schools or majors, just getting out of epidemiology and into something a little more pronounceable--sociomedical sciences, which is less statistics based (which we alllll know is one of my least favorite subjects) and more anthropological/sociological/psychologically based.

Of course, it's not like WT where I just had to officially declare I was changing and POOF! it would happen. I have to petition epidemiology to "release" me and then apply for sociomedical sciences (SMS) to accept me. Epi's agreed to "release" me, now I'm just waiting to hear back from SMS. FINGERS CROSSED!!!

Of course in anticipation, in addition to the two core classes I have to take regardless of discipline, the other two courses are from SMS so that I don't waste anymore time.

I think this was the best decision, as I like all my classes--and I don't feel like I'm drowning, which I nearly did last semester. I still have tons of work--more reading actually, but no spending hours trying to grasp the basic concepts.

so for my sanity, can you please keep your FINGERS CROSSED this transfer is approved.


in case you're wondering what i'm taking this semester:

Intro to SMS
Environmental Sciences
Social History of American Public Health
Ethics in American Public Health

Alright, speaking of, I have 3 chapters to read for tomorrow...


18 August 2008

Here's another....

Yes, another one...a little different....no, still nothing much to report. 3 weeks to class, but pre-school activities start next week! Addy's fine, shedding a lot--just ask poor Christi! Will be posting about her & Tracy's trip when I get pictures back from TK...which reminds me, I also have to post about DC. wow....okay, so apparently I DO have a lot to post about....alright, alright--will get right on it. In the meantime, here you go (the object is to answer using ONE word):

1. Where is your cell phone? table
2. Where is your significant other? nonexistent
3. Your hair? messy
4. Your mother? generous
5. Your father? stubborn
6. Your favorite thing? beach
7. Your dream last night? bizarre
8. Your dream/goal? happiness
9. The room you're in? noisy
10. Your fear? failure
11. Where do you want to be in 6 years? beach
12. Where were you last night? couch
13. What you're not? patient
14. Muffins? sometimes
15. One of your wish list items? love
16. Where you grew up?
17. The last thing you did? commute
18. What are you wearing? clothes
19. Your TV? espn
20. Your pet? adorable
21. Your computer? laptop
22. Your life? lucky
23. Your mood? motivated
24. Missing someone? yep
25. Your car/truck? SOLD!
26. Something you're not wearing? watch
27. Your summer? adventuresome
28. Love someone? yes
29. Your favorite color? GREEN!
30. When is the last time you laughed? saturday
31. Last time you cried? saturday
32. Who will resend this? mystery
33. Who did you last talk to? Philip


17 August 2008

A Quick Survey

A few things you may or may not know about me....but in lieu of anything of great interest to report, thought this might tide you over. It's COMPLETELY stolen from Nico's blog :)

WERE YOU NAMED AFTER ANYONE? Does alcohol count? Just kidding Momma...
DO YOU LIKE YOUR HANDWRITING? when I can read it...
WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE LUNCH MEAT? turkey or ham or pimento cheese
DO YOU HAVE KIDS? not that I'm aware of
DO YOU USE SARCASM A LOT? noooooo.....
DO YOU STILL HAVE YOUR TONSILS? to the best of my knowledge
WOULD YOU BUNGEE JUMP? are you freaking nuts????
WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE CEREAL? honey nut cheerios
WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE ICE CREAM? mexican vanilla or amaretto peach pecan, both from Clear River Pecan Co.
RED OR PINK? rojo!
WHAT IS THE LEAST FAVORITE THING ABOUT YOURSELF? I can be very unforgiving, especially of myself
WHO DO YOU MISS THE MOST? currently, Geeka.
WHAT COLOR PANTS AND SHOES ARE YOU WEARING? tshirt, camo capris--both covered in grass stains from working in the yard this afternoon
FAVORITE SMELLS? the ocean, freshly cut grass, coffee, cookies/brownies/cakes baking
HAIR COLOR? currently medium brown/reddish...but wait five minutes
EYE COLOR? blue/green/grey mainly dependent on my mood
DO YOU WEAR CONTACTS? yes, although not as often as I'd like due to my eyes drying out
FAVORITE FOOD? momma's mexican casserole, momma's chicken spaghetti, and granny's cream puffs
SCARY MOVIES OR HAPPY ENDINGS? I guess happy endings as I do not do scary movies...unless it's the middle of the day and I have other funny movies lined up to watch after that
SUMMER OR WINTER? I prefer Spring or Autumn, yes, I know they weren't options...so I guess if I have to pick, I think I'd go with winter...maybe...
FAVORITE DESSERT? granny's cream puffs, red velvet cake, creme brulee, and grand marnier souffles
WHAT BOOK ARE YOU READING? Breaking Dawn by Stephanie Meyer
WHAT DID YOU WATCH ON TV LAST NIGHT? Phelps get his 8th gold medal!
WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE SOUND? rainstorms, laughter, the stillness of the early morning
ROLLING STONES OR BEATLES? The Stones (sorry, Bobby)
DO YOU HAVE A SPECIAL TALENT? I have many special talents, thankyouverymuch!
DO YOU THINK YOU ARE STRONG? sometimes too much...


30 July 2008

Yes, Yes...

I'm still working (ever-so-slowly) on updating this....but at least I got a picture up now!!

So I'm gonna cheat and post some interesting--some well known, others not so much--and fun facts about me. yes. me. I mean, after all, that's why you're here....or you were bored and had nothing better to do. But of course, as with anything it'll take a bit o' time to compile, but will be more fun than completely rearranging the layout of all my blogs.

Alright, sigh, must now leave one job to go to the other. oh my life. but i guess it's better than the alternative.


11 July 2008


Yep. I'm redoing everything! So who knows what tomorrow may bring the blog. Becca's helping (thanks man!) and creating all sorts of fun little blips and blops that will make this uber cool (well, aside from the fabulous writing of course!)...

Now would be a great time for you to suggest/comment about things that you liked/didn't like and want/don't wanna see in the improved version...


29 June 2008

Forces Beyond My Control

i've had a very, um, interesting day. didn't get as much as i wanted done, but was hindered by forces beyone my control.

it all started innocently enough, i was going to get groceries and head to kmart or sears and look for a weedeater to attack the yard. after groceries, as i'm about to head to kmart/sears, i notice that the sky is looking rather ominous, so i forgo my weedeater opting for bus home instead. it starts POURING 3 minutes before bus arrives. Am completely soaked by the time I board the bus.

get home, dry out a bit, watching yankees game, lounging on couch....raining is continuing...suddenly BIG clap of thunder, BIG lightening....lights flicker on, lights flicker off...then nothing. sigh. wait a few minutes. nothing. call electric company--they've been alerted to the problem and should have it fixed by 8pm (it's now 4pm)...great....so i use my time to the clean house--well as best i could without being able to see, as i've noticed when there's no electricity and it's raining outside it's rather dark downstairs...but with the exception of vaccuuming the rug and laundry, I got it all done.

Meanwhile, electric company called to say that it would be 9pm before electicity is back on. The rain stopped, and I took Addy for a walk. Electric company called to say that it would be 10pm before electricity would be back on...sigh...

I did notice on my walk that the laundry mat up the street (and up the hill) obviously had electricity and is open. Trudge all my laundry (well, the essentials) up the hill...am doing launding, then suddenly I smell....smoke? WTF? one of the washing machines was sparking and smoking! glad it wasn't mine...

ahhh...my life may be many things, but boring just ain't one of them!!


15 June 2008

So I'm on the way back from Texas...leave mid-morning (10am we're on the runway) from San Antonio. Fly to Dallas, switch planes with a 2 hour layover in Dallas. Ironically plane from San Antonio to Dallas continues on to JFK in...yes, NYC! but for some strange reason, I have to switch planes (BRILLANT! American Airlines--just BRILLIANT!)

Two hours in DFW is just enough time to grab a quick bite and get to my new gate (3 terminals over)....board plane, take off, no worries. About 3 hours in (of a 3.5 hour flight), pilot comes on and says NYC is having bad weather, we're going to circle for awhile 'til it blows over.
An hour later, pilot announces that in lieu of weather not cooperating we're being diverted to Pittsburgh to wait out storm and refuel. Okaaaaaaaayyyyy.

Land in Pittsburgh. Sit on runway for 45 minutes until a gate becomes open. Pilot announces that weather is better, we're going to refuel and then get going again, but if we want to deplane and walk around a bit, that's fine, we'll start reboarding in 45 minutes. Start reboarding in 30 minutes. YAY! things are looking up!

We're all boarded. Pilot announces traffic into NYC backed up, air traffic control is "asking" us to wait another hour. We deplane. I should now mention that the only place open was a small bookstore--not even McDonald's was open. I should also mention that it's only about 8pm.
2 hours later, we finally reboard. Everyone settles in, gets ready, pilot comes on intercom. LAUGHING. okay, so, let me just interject right now that if your pilot is laughing, it's probably not a good sign. There is a fuel spill on the runway. EVERYONE MUST EVACUATE, but is very assured that we are now professional deplaners and can quickly get off in an orderly fashion.

sigh. so we're not entirely sure HOW long we'll be staying this time....we're all hanging out. I should mention it's now about 10pm and now NOTHING is open in the Pittsburgh Airport. And several planes from Chicago have been sent back to Chicago. OH HELL NO! I WILL NOT GO BACK TO DALLAS 12 HOURS AFTER I ARRIVED THE FIRST TIME!!!

About an hour later, we--hesitantly--get back on the plane. What's this? OMG! we are actually pulling away from the gate, we're heading toward the runway....and we...stop? WTF???? pilot says air traffic control has asked us to sit for about 10 minutes and that come hell or high water, in 15 minutes we were taking off. yeah, right. i'll believe that when i see it.

17 minutes later...we FINALLY--please dear God don't let us crash--take off and then head to NYC!!!!!!!!!! WOO-HOO!!

An hour-ish later, we land at LaGuardia. I HAVE NEVER BEEN SO HAPPY TO SEE QUEENS IN MY LIFE!! Deplane, this time ESTACTIC about it! Head to baggage claim. Wait. Wait. Wait. FINALLY (45 minutes later) luggage arrives, go outside--NOT catching a $75 taxi home--opt to catch the bus, which takes me to the subway, which takes me to the ferry. All goes smoothly....except that subway puts me at ferry at 2:33am. Watch 2:30am ferry sail away. Have another hour wait in the ferry terminal. DROP my suitcase, sit down on the floor of the ferry terminal and started laughing...hysterically....


He kindly helped me up...and to a seat--with my suitcase, where I waited for the next ferry...
Finally, 22 hours after I left Momma's house in Texas, I arrive home sweet home.

whew! only me...only me...

14 June 2008

Alright, So I Decided...

to have spinach artichoke dip instead of updating my blog...

I was hungry and they no longer serve food on board--unless you're willing to purchase it--or, I'm just now noticing, if you're in 1st class...

I had every intention of doing both, but I couldn't pick up wi-fi in Friday's.

THAT'S my story and I'm sticking to it!!

Alright, they just announced boarding....


11 June 2008

But Of Course,

I have lots of catching up to do as per my trip. That might be something fun and exciting to do at DFW in my 2 hour layover. So far, the trip has been fabulous. Mostly a big blur and I can't believe that I only have 3 days left. I'm not ready to leave....and yet, I am ready to be back in NYC (but for the heat, which is about the same as it is here, but you KNOW how much hotter the city and all the asphalt feels), lovin' on my Addy. In case you're wondering, Stella is great. I think adjusting rather well to being an outdoor pupcicle, but seems happy to see me. Momma's built her the taj mahal of puppy pens to keep her from chasing goats--but more importantly to keep her safe from the cows when no one's around to protect her (aka Teresa).

Alright, will fill you in on more later (wedding was FABULOUS and SIMPLE!!), but now it's off to breakfast with Rhonda, lunch with Kathy, dinner with Gretchen and David, lunch tomorrow with Momma, Carole, Jeannie Bel, and Tante Pilly, dinner tomorrow with Emily and David, lunch friday with Wayne and Sharon, and dinner with Bubba, Lauren, and the girls (and Momma), then on the plane Saturday morning. Nice to know I have all my meals planned out!! :)


03 June 2008


I am headed back home. I'm so excited!!! Well, truthfully, I've been up for 26 hours, with another 16 or so to go, so really I'm exhausted and am looking forward to the 3 hour nap to DFW!

On a personal note, gotta love being able to blog while waiting since well, it's INSANELY early for most normal people so no one wants to talk with me :(

Oh well....guess i get to catch up a bit on my blogging. Yes, I've been rather slack. Well, you take over my life and see how you do!!

In case you're wondering what in the world is ShezzaSpeak, it's my newest blog (yes, I'm that crazy, thankyouverymuch!). Since this one is more of a journal with (in theory, especially of late) more details, ShezzaSpeak is just little blips and blurps of living--mainly commuting--in New York City. So check it out if you have time. I usually post there more often, since well, they're a lot shorter.


Ooohh, first boarding call....I can almost taste the Shiner and queso now...


28 May 2008

Play With Me Momma...

How neglected is this poor puppy because mean ol' momma won't get off the laptop!!

Poor, poor Addy....


21 May 2008


Need I say more? Nope. But I'll say it again:


and in case you've lost count: 12 days 'til TEXAS!!!!



23 April 2008

There's No Place Like Home...There's No Place Like Home...

Okay! It's done! Plane tickets home for Sheila's wedding (oh and to see all you people who live nearby) have been booked!

I will be arriving in San Antonio at 1pm on June 3rd and departing back to NYC on the 14th.

Clear your schedules and save your drinking money--I've been very Shiner Bock, Rathskeller brunch, mexican food, Texadelphia and Brewery fried pickles deprived!!

Book early--my schedule is filling up fast (yes, I'm that full of myself, thankyouverymuch!)

And for those of you wondering--and don't get me starting on WHY--but due to the increasing gas prices ($4/gallon here), my dreams for taking off a month and loading up Addy in a rental car and driving home have been shattered into flying. Severely cuts down on travel time to get home, but unfortunately because now Addy has to be boarded (unless someone wants to come to NYC and doggie sit for a couple of weeks), my time away has to be cut by 2/3. Damn oil prices...(and I think we all know who to thank for that!) But I'm not going to let it ruin my high--I still get to come home!!


17 April 2008


I just got an email announcing that Christi and Tracy have booked their tickets and are coming to see me in August!!!

What a busy, busy summer this is shaping up to be--but I'll take busy and fun ANY DAY over work/school busy.

So the countdown is on to the end of semester and just in case you're wondering:

26 days or 643 hours or 38590 minutes or 2315429 seconds

(26 days, 19 hours, 10 minutes, and 29 seconds) to May 14th at 5:00pm...

but really....who's counting?!?!?!?


Spring Time!

Finally! Spring has sprung in New York City...
Mornings are the ferry are GORGEOUS! it's hard to be grouchy (usually) about early shifts when this is what awaits you (yes, that's the Brooklyn Bridge waaaaaaay in the background)

Flowers are popping up everywhere!! it's sooo beautiful! Just the other day I was walking through Central Park noticing how beeeuutiful everything walk. It was fabulous! It was wonderful! I forgot I lived in a city of 8 million people...

crying baby, dogs barking, horns blaring, 4000 runners taking advantage of the beautiful afternoon...alright, moment's over! but it was nice while it lasted!

07 April 2008

Well, it's official...

I got my voter registration card, which lists my residence as Staten Island borough of New York City, Richmond County in the State of New York.

harumph! i still have my TEXAS license though...NOT giving that up...


01 April 2008


So I had stashed a Reese's Peanutbutter Egg for a chocolate emergency, which I decided was tonight. Since Miss Addy is following me and of course is very interested in what Momma has just pulled out the pantry, I gave her one of her favorite treats--an ice cube! Which she graciously accepted and then spat it out, looking exspectantly at my other hand.

Not wanting to forget the cube and step in water later, I dropped it in her water bowl. When she finally accepted that she would NOT be getting any chocolate, she went to the water bowl to fetch her beloved ice cube. Which took a few minutes and a couple of full head dunks in the bowl to figure out how to get the cube.

Alright, well, it was funny while it was happening....which proves three things: i'm easily amused , deliriously tired, and i need to get a f****ing LIFE!

Sigh...must go clean up the lake that now has taken over my kitchen...


31 March 2008

Hard to Believe

It's already been a year....but

Happy Birthday Adelaide!!

Love, cuddles, and kisses,

Auntie Shezza-roo

28 March 2008

The YAY team

The ONLY good thing about April nearing is that the END of semester of semester is in sight(YAY!) alright, I realize that I have a TON of work due between now and then, but hey! i can see the light! YAY!

On a side note: Hook 'em Horns! Who've now made it to the Elite Eight--YAY!

BIG NEWS: Sheila's getting married!! YAY!!
BIGGER NEWS: I'm performing the ceremony!! scary but true.

Yes, I'm ordained and no the sky did not open up and spit forth fire when it happened YAY!! It's at the beginning of June, so I'll be home then!!

YAY...HOME!!! Family, friends, shiner bock...not necessarily in that order. YAY shiner!

alright...I'm sure there's some major life changing information that I should be divulging, but right now, my bed is calling. YAY! bed...

see, see how tired I am?????????


PS--Xavier (who spent a not-so-brief stint in the hospital with a ruptured appendix) is finally at home and getting better--and THAT's the biggest YAY of them all!!! in fact, it deserves several YAYs--YAY YAY YAY YAY!!

05 March 2008

Busy, Busy Bee

I'm not quite sure where the hell this year is going! I can't believe that it's already March...bleh...

School has been crazy (I think I may have mentioned that in a previous blog...well, it's still crazy so I feel like I should keep mentioning it!)

Today was glorious because I didn't leave the house, except to do laundry. Yes, my life is so insanely crazy that I'm pathetically excited that I don't have to leave the house! Who'd have ever thought I'd be happy about mopping? Well, I'm not so delirious that I cleaned out the fridge, so not to worry--no need to send help!

Really, I don't have much to report--work is fine. school is time-consuming and the poor pupcicle is being mildly neglected (don't tell PPS--puppy protective services--she's getting fed and watered and gets walked...a bit...not as much as I'd like, but at some point sleep becomes an issue.)

Speaking of, must get to bed....4am comes all too early in the morning...


03 March 2008

Are You Fucking Kidding Me???

It's nearly time for glasses, as well it's getting hard to see through the scratches and everytime I bend over to pick something up, they slide down my nose and fall off....

So, biting the bullet--I stop in at a what-is-advertised to be a less expensive option for glasses. I ask--because of course my last eye exam was 2 years ago and I need a new prescription--how much for an exam. Okay $40, well that's a heck of a lot cheaper than what I was paying in Fredericksburg, so I'm happy with that. Make an appointment and return at said appointment time. Appointment goes well, not toooo painful, and EUREKA! my prescription has not changed a bit. Of course....so I go out to select my new frames. The UBER cool sales lady was all to eager to help and--unlike most salespeople who just like to agree with you--would actually tell me when a pair looked bad (girl, take those off now--I don't care if you love them, they are NOT for you!)...UBER cool sales lady also mentions that right now they're having a sale (YAY!), buy 1 pair get frames on a 2nd pair free (so you're just paying for lenses)...I cave and select 2 fabulous pairs of frames....sigh...now lets talk price.

Any guesses on what ONE pair of frames, TWO sets of lenses (with anti-glare, anti-scratch, and one set with transition lenses)?


No, don't adjust your screen, clean your glasses, or spit out your coffee/tea/beer. You read that correctly 1000 bucks. HA HA HA HA HA HA I laugh, because at that point what could you do? I told her that a) I was a poor Columbia grad student and just wrote an INSANELY large tuition check and b) CANNOT spend what is equivalent to my RENT on TWO pairs of glasses....sorry, ONE pair of glasses and an additional set of lenses! She graciously offered to drop it down to $800. I graciously declined, asked for my prescription, and left.

ahhh...the joys of living in NYC...


27 February 2008

Checking in...

Yes, I am alive. I am well (for the most part!). To the best of my knowledge I'm not in a ditch or floating in the Hudson....so thank you for those of you who've emailed me over the past couple of weeks complaining about no communication, especially with blog posts.

I've had the flu, work's been crazy, and school is kicking my ass! That's me in a nutshell...for now. I have more to report, but it's already late and I have to be up in 5 hours (ahhh...the joys of my life!)


15 January 2008

At Last....

I think Addy's finally accepted that I'm not going to abandon her. Of late, she's taken to putting herself to bed when she wants or when I'm ignoring her because I'm watching tv or playing on the computer. For those of you who haven't met my sweet, precious baby, she--until recently--was happiest/calmest when laying on me...or in lieu of getting to be a lap dog, laying on my feet. However, I must admit that albeit it is nice not ALWAYS tripping over the pupcicle, it's a bit weird not tripping over her all the time....

but progress, methinks....


03 January 2008

...But It Feels Like -2F!

Okay....it's ccccold, especially in the wind. By far the coldest day of April's visit--ironic espcially given the plan was to spend it walking around Central Park and doing some last minute gift shopping. We decided to forego the Park and have a bit of a sleep in before bundling up and heading to Canal Street so April could grab a few last minute gifts.

After that, we head down to the train so I could "take" April back to JFK so that she could leave us....waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!

The house now seems so empty and even Addy spent a few minutes looking around for April...guess it's back to the real world. sigh. Of course, as is typical for JFK, April just texted me to let me know that her plane's been delayed...I decided not to mention that I'm sitting here having a slice of that fabulous cheesecake (well, I couldn't let it go bad!!)

I hope you had fun April because I LOVED having you here! Come back soon!!


02 January 2008

Les Miserables!

When she woke up April declared the following: "I AM NOT RUNNING TO CATCH ANY FERRY, BUS, OR SUBWAY." alright, alright...since it's her last full day, I'll be accomodating...

SURPRISE! April--the wonderful, fabulous, generous, special, great, wonderful (oh wait, I already said that) decided that for my birthday (okay, it's a ways off) and Christmas, she bought me a ticket for Les Miserables! When we finally realized that it was the show we wanted to see, tickets were a bit outrageous because Sunday is the last show. So--unbeknownst to me, as I was working--she went back to the theatre and got us tickets.

IT WAS FABULOUS!! I'd never seen the play before. I had read the story and seen part of the movie, but what an EXTRAORDINARY introduction to Broadway. There are truly NO words to describe the experience!

Following that, we (via subway to get out of the insanely COLD wind!) went to Grand Central Station. After looking around, found our way to Junior's whose cheesecakes looked toooooo tempting to pass up on. Bought the most chocolately ooey gooey cheesecake we saw (chocolate devils food cheesecake) and went home to order Chinese food in (which April was excited about doing because it can be DELIVERED!). The food was good, but the cheesecake DIVINE! of course, to honor the occassion I brewed some of the Kona straight up to enjoy with the cheesecake....OMG. I needed a moment.
So here's a description of the cheesecake: thick chocolate icing with chocolate chips sprinkled on top then a layer of devils food cake , another layer of icing, then a FAT layer of cheesecake, a thick layer of chocolate icing and finally another layer of DFC. It it about 12 inches tall....and full of yummy deliciousness!!!



Happy New Year!

Since I didn't have to be at work until 10am, we got to sleep in and April accompanied me to the subway stop at work...then went on to the Natural History Museum, where she spent most of the rest of the day. After I got off work, we headed 2 blocks over to the Empire State Building. I'm very glad to have gone to the top (AAAANNNNDDDD, we walked up the last 6 flights!)---although quite honestly I'm not quite sure that it was worth $19.00 (and that's without any bells, whistles, headphones, maps, or photographs). Here's why I question the $19: first of all, EVERY level/floor where they stopped you was yet another place to get you to try and "upgrade" your experience. For an additional $5, you get this, for an extra $10 you get that. Let's wind you through lines, lines, and more lines...now let's take a souvenir picture, it's only $25....it was crazy. Aside from the wind--and all the annoying tourists...ha!--the top was great. It was dark by the time we got there and there were some breathtaking views of the city. I tried pointing out a few bridges to April, but "they all looked alike" when I would reference them later.

We finally make our way down, checked out our photo--nope, not worth $25, sorry--and back down to ground level. By then (we also walked down the same 6 flights of stairs) our tummies were rumbling and so we headed down to Little Italy.

After strolling down Mulberry toward Canal and passing pizza and pasta places left and right, we decided on Giovanna's. It was quaint and cozy--the food was good, not too insanely overpriced. I had a great carafe of house wine that was only $13 and quite yummy, especially given the price! We got to indulge in the tiramisu, as the waiter forgot April's asparagus and didn't ask if I wanted pasta with my meal (YES!) and brought me potatoes instead. We pretty much rolled out of there completely stuffed (at least I did!). We got a chance to work it off while RUNNING to catch the ferry (what? we had 3 minutes before the ferry left and if we missed it we'd have to wait an hour for the next one!).

It was a good way to start the new year.