29 June 2008

Forces Beyond My Control

i've had a very, um, interesting day. didn't get as much as i wanted done, but was hindered by forces beyone my control.

it all started innocently enough, i was going to get groceries and head to kmart or sears and look for a weedeater to attack the yard. after groceries, as i'm about to head to kmart/sears, i notice that the sky is looking rather ominous, so i forgo my weedeater opting for bus home instead. it starts POURING 3 minutes before bus arrives. Am completely soaked by the time I board the bus.

get home, dry out a bit, watching yankees game, lounging on couch....raining is continuing...suddenly BIG clap of thunder, BIG lightening....lights flicker on, lights flicker off...then nothing. sigh. wait a few minutes. nothing. call electric company--they've been alerted to the problem and should have it fixed by 8pm (it's now 4pm)...great....so i use my time to the clean house--well as best i could without being able to see, as i've noticed when there's no electricity and it's raining outside it's rather dark downstairs...but with the exception of vaccuuming the rug and laundry, I got it all done.

Meanwhile, electric company called to say that it would be 9pm before electicity is back on. The rain stopped, and I took Addy for a walk. Electric company called to say that it would be 10pm before electricity would be back on...sigh...

I did notice on my walk that the laundry mat up the street (and up the hill) obviously had electricity and is open. Trudge all my laundry (well, the essentials) up the hill...am doing launding, then suddenly I smell....smoke? WTF? one of the washing machines was sparking and smoking! glad it wasn't mine...

ahhh...my life may be many things, but boring just ain't one of them!!


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Rebecca said...

ya know, boring is highly over-rated and well... boring :-P