19 November 2007

That's Ms. Barista to you!

Yay!! I got the job, I got the job!!

So I've spent the last week training [rather hurriedly because they're trying to get everyone's training completed by Black Friday]. I had 2 days of Borders training, a couple of days on the registers, and then yesterday started barista training--the best part, getting to taste all of the coffees and baked goodies....yum-o! If you're anywhere near a Seattle's Best coffee shop and they have cinnamon scones, you MUST get one!! Fantabulous!! Tomorrow we start with the espresso drinks [and of course more tasting]...a "trial" run on Wednesday, a break on Thursday [gobble-gobble], and then the insanity hits!

Of course, all my managers assure me it's not as crazy as let's say Macy's, but still...we're a block away--there's got to be some overflow!!

So here's hoping you have a festive and happy Thanksgiving. Me, I'll be lounging on the couch with the pupcicle, watching the parade, a bit of footy, catching up on homework and perhaps digging out the Christmas decorations!

Let the holidays begin!

14 November 2007

Are You Ready for the Big Parade?

What a fabulous question!! It was asked by the granddaughter of the people I have been working for [my temp job that was supposed to end in October, but they looooved me so much they asked me to stay on--and it provides me a bit of extra spending cash, you know, for frivolous things such as groceries and dog food]. Anyway, their grandchildren are visiting and are sooooo excited because the city workers are starting to set up benches for the Big Parade, according to Miss Lauren, The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade for the rest of us! Their apartment overlooks Central Park--so they get to enjoy the parade from the coziness of their apartment. Nice: I think it's my favorite part of the city. It's a bit quieter than the Upper East side and a whole lot less crazy than SoHo, Chelsea, Greenwich, etc...

So back to the discussion at hand--Thanksgiving. In reality, I'll probably be working at Borders [not complaining--it's short day and we get time and half], but I'm also not opposed to lounging on the couch with the pupcicle, watching the parade and then footy--sounds like heaven to me!! :) [of course, truth be told, I'll probably be sitting on the couch working on one of my 4 papers due within the next few weeks...] That won't stop me from having a bit o' turkey and sides--though, on a much smaller scale. Any big plans for you this Turkey Day?


03 November 2007

Fingers Crossed!

Well this past week, I had job interviews [3 total] at Borders and they seemed fairly interested in me, they're checking my references over the next couple of days [so if you get a call--lie and be nice and tell them how fabulous I am!] and in theory will let me know something soon...

Of course, it'll just be enough hours to pay the basics, so I'm still accepting donations to the Sherry & Addy Go To NYC and Become Poor Grad Student & Devoted Doggie Fund [which I've noticed is embarrassingly low--not suggesting anything, just merely commenting *cheeky grin*] I'm still trying to decide if this is the route to go [more hours, more stable, less hard work] or go back to waitressing [more late hours, but better $$/hour] decisions, decisions. It would be so much better if I could find a job with the work load of Borders and the hourly pay of waitressing at an upscale joint. But I guess I should just shut it, as that's what most of us want!

On a bleh note, I'm sick, not bad, just a cold with really bad sinus pain and pressure and I've lost my voice--well, it's really scratchy and hurts when I talk. It's a chilly [mid 40'sF] and overcast/rainy weekend, so staying in bed [okay wrapped in blankies on the couch], snuggling with the pupcicle isn't such a bad thing...