19 November 2007

That's Ms. Barista to you!

Yay!! I got the job, I got the job!!

So I've spent the last week training [rather hurriedly because they're trying to get everyone's training completed by Black Friday]. I had 2 days of Borders training, a couple of days on the registers, and then yesterday started barista training--the best part, getting to taste all of the coffees and baked goodies....yum-o! If you're anywhere near a Seattle's Best coffee shop and they have cinnamon scones, you MUST get one!! Fantabulous!! Tomorrow we start with the espresso drinks [and of course more tasting]...a "trial" run on Wednesday, a break on Thursday [gobble-gobble], and then the insanity hits!

Of course, all my managers assure me it's not as crazy as let's say Macy's, but still...we're a block away--there's got to be some overflow!!

So here's hoping you have a festive and happy Thanksgiving. Me, I'll be lounging on the couch with the pupcicle, watching the parade, a bit of footy, catching up on homework and perhaps digging out the Christmas decorations!

Let the holidays begin!

1 comment:

Princess Red Bottom said...

Darling Shezzaroo, I am so flattered you have pinched my nickname (pupsicle), but hey, you were the only one who ever got the pun, anyway!

and buggar is spelt "bugger" ;-)

glad to see you are having a great time over there!