12 May 2005

Queen of Procrastination!

Okay, so it's taken me awhile to have another post....if you know me, this isn't shocking news, as I am the Queen of Procrastination! And as you can see, I've done nothing with the site since the last time! hey! I've never proclaimed to be proficient at this!

Still awaiting news on the MCAT, but hopefully, I should be hearing something within the next few weeks! fingers crossed!

Right now, in addition to working all the time, I'm currently house/petsitting until the end of May. Which has been fun and not too demanding (of course, the hottub helps!). My charges include Penny, a golden lab, as well as Max, Larry, and Baby Kitty, three felines who tolerate me only because I feed them.

Also at the end of May, the Pedlers are coming to visit! I'm so excited!! They are part of my Australian family and are here in the States for Rotary International Conference in Chicago in June. They decided to come early and do a bit of travelling around the country before the convention and I'm lucky enough to get them for several days!

And while I'm speaking of travelling, I'm actually taking a week's vacation and heading to Minnesota to visit April and from there, to Salt Lake City to watch a World Cup Qualifying match with Matthew. I'm soooo excited!!

well, I guess that's it for now! Have a great day!

:) shez