27 January 2009

Back in the Swing of Things....

So, it's the end of the first week of classes...so far, so good. What am I taking? Glad you asked:

Medical Sociology
Ethics and Experimentation
History and Policy
Long Term Care for Chronic Illness
Hospital Grand Rounds

Again, lots of reading classes--but all (except Grand Rounds) are small, seminar type classes. Although I did learn that in order to get a seat at a desk and not crammed in a chair in the corner by the door for Medical Sociology, I need to get there early! Of course, my classmates weren't all to happy by the commotion of my neighbor coming in late and kicking over my coffee....

well, I guess I wouldn't be me with creating a commotion....


20 January 2009

It Was Kinda Creepy....

But I got on a plane in San Antonio, stopped in Chicago--didn't change planes--and flew straight on to NYC...without incident. without delays. with no drama. with luggage. hmmm...is this how normal people experience travelling? Because it surely wasn't like anything I've ever experienced!

Everything was covered in snow and beautifully white and magical looking...and the bus smelled like vomit. yes, yes, I am home.