23 April 2008

There's No Place Like Home...There's No Place Like Home...

Okay! It's done! Plane tickets home for Sheila's wedding (oh and to see all you people who live nearby) have been booked!

I will be arriving in San Antonio at 1pm on June 3rd and departing back to NYC on the 14th.

Clear your schedules and save your drinking money--I've been very Shiner Bock, Rathskeller brunch, mexican food, Texadelphia and Brewery fried pickles deprived!!

Book early--my schedule is filling up fast (yes, I'm that full of myself, thankyouverymuch!)

And for those of you wondering--and don't get me starting on WHY--but due to the increasing gas prices ($4/gallon here), my dreams for taking off a month and loading up Addy in a rental car and driving home have been shattered into flying. Severely cuts down on travel time to get home, but unfortunately because now Addy has to be boarded (unless someone wants to come to NYC and doggie sit for a couple of weeks), my time away has to be cut by 2/3. Damn oil prices...(and I think we all know who to thank for that!) But I'm not going to let it ruin my high--I still get to come home!!


17 April 2008


I just got an email announcing that Christi and Tracy have booked their tickets and are coming to see me in August!!!

What a busy, busy summer this is shaping up to be--but I'll take busy and fun ANY DAY over work/school busy.

So the countdown is on to the end of semester and just in case you're wondering:

26 days or 643 hours or 38590 minutes or 2315429 seconds

(26 days, 19 hours, 10 minutes, and 29 seconds) to May 14th at 5:00pm...

but really....who's counting?!?!?!?


Spring Time!

Finally! Spring has sprung in New York City...
Mornings are the ferry are GORGEOUS! it's hard to be grouchy (usually) about early shifts when this is what awaits you (yes, that's the Brooklyn Bridge waaaaaaay in the background)

Flowers are popping up everywhere!! it's sooo beautiful! Just the other day I was walking through Central Park noticing how beeeuutiful everything walk. It was fabulous! It was wonderful! I forgot I lived in a city of 8 million people...

crying baby, dogs barking, horns blaring, 4000 runners taking advantage of the beautiful afternoon...alright, moment's over! but it was nice while it lasted!

07 April 2008

Well, it's official...

I got my voter registration card, which lists my residence as Staten Island borough of New York City, Richmond County in the State of New York.

harumph! i still have my TEXAS license though...NOT giving that up...


01 April 2008


So I had stashed a Reese's Peanutbutter Egg for a chocolate emergency, which I decided was tonight. Since Miss Addy is following me and of course is very interested in what Momma has just pulled out the pantry, I gave her one of her favorite treats--an ice cube! Which she graciously accepted and then spat it out, looking exspectantly at my other hand.

Not wanting to forget the cube and step in water later, I dropped it in her water bowl. When she finally accepted that she would NOT be getting any chocolate, she went to the water bowl to fetch her beloved ice cube. Which took a few minutes and a couple of full head dunks in the bowl to figure out how to get the cube.

Alright, well, it was funny while it was happening....which proves three things: i'm easily amused , deliriously tired, and i need to get a f****ing LIFE!

Sigh...must go clean up the lake that now has taken over my kitchen...