01 April 2008


So I had stashed a Reese's Peanutbutter Egg for a chocolate emergency, which I decided was tonight. Since Miss Addy is following me and of course is very interested in what Momma has just pulled out the pantry, I gave her one of her favorite treats--an ice cube! Which she graciously accepted and then spat it out, looking exspectantly at my other hand.

Not wanting to forget the cube and step in water later, I dropped it in her water bowl. When she finally accepted that she would NOT be getting any chocolate, she went to the water bowl to fetch her beloved ice cube. Which took a few minutes and a couple of full head dunks in the bowl to figure out how to get the cube.

Alright, well, it was funny while it was happening....which proves three things: i'm easily amused , deliriously tired, and i need to get a f****ing LIFE!

Sigh...must go clean up the lake that now has taken over my kitchen...


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