21 March 2007

Spring Cleaning!

Happy Spring Equinox
[even though technically it happened at 12:07 GMT, as April was quick to remind me!]

Spring has sprung and so too have the urges of spring cleaning. Monday--amongst everything else that I had to do/supposed to do, I hunkered down in the apartment and did 7--yes SEVEN--loads of laundry. threw out ALL non-paired socks [talk about liberating!] and FINALLY went through the remaining boxes from the ranch [talk about uber-liberating!] I threw out all sorts of papers and crap, crap, crap. I think I--all by my lonesome--filled an entire dumpster! Some of these boxes hadn't been opened for 10+ years, so I figured if I've lived without it for this long, I probably don't really need it anyway...so I kept a few mementos that would fit into my scrapbooks and ditched the rest!! I have reclaimed my dining room!!! YAY!!

of course, the reclaiming lasted about 5 minutes until I could move the dog crates into the space. Dog crates, you ask? Yep, I finally broke down and bought them each one. They're huge, but luckily were on sale, so I paid a whoooooole lot less than I thought I would! double YAY!! I probably didn't need the biggest ones, but NOTHING BUT THE BEST FOR MY BABIES! Stella & Addy are adjusting to them. Addy likes to lay in Stella's crate when they're open [ie I'm at home and it's raining so I won't let her outside]. Stella's very good about going in when I say "kennel"--Addy, not so much, although she's getting better [she is afterall, just a puppy!]

So, now that my house is pretty much cleaned and organized--save one closet, which is clean--just needs to be reorganized! So I feel very productive....and the wineshop is next!

Happy Spring!
:I shez

06 March 2007


Well, I'm in the final countdown to hearing back from universities....so needless to say [but I'm gonna say it anyway], I'm a bit panicked! But in an effort to remain true to my leaving The 'Burg, I've started job searching and putting out feelers for where is next for Stella, Addy, & I to live. Of course, job searching for me is not easy, as there's a lot I can do and a lot that I'm interested in but mainly what I really want to do, I'm not qualified for without further schooling and some experience. So I've taken to also looking into different places I might want to live and then job searching specifically in those cities.

clear as mud?

i found the website www.findyourspot.com took their little quiz [okay, it's like 7 or 8 pages, so not so little] and here are the top 24 cities in the USA, based on my answers:

Albuquerque, NM
Hartford, CT
Portland, OR
Honolulu, HI
Boston, MA
Providence, RI
New Haven, CT
San Jose, CA
San Fransisco, CA
Seattle, WA
Baltimore, MD
Denver, CO
Little Rock, AR
Worcester, MA
Washington, DC
Las Vegas, NV [baby!]
Carlisle, PA [huh?]
Milwaukee, WI
Cincinnati, OH
Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN
Oakland, CA [uh, i don't think so!]
Knoxville, TN
Baton Rouge, LA

notice anything particular? NO TEXAS CITIES!?!?!?! I'm not exactly sure how that happened, although I did mention something about liking definite season changes and not insanely long, excriutatingly hot summers...oh wait...[ding!]

while I haven't been to many of them, there are quite a few on the list that for me, would rank a LOT lower than Austin, Dallas, or San Antonio. But there are a few surprises that I might check out as well--and NO it's not going to be Oakland!!!!!!!

very interesting. wonder if they have anything similar but with international cities???

more later!
:I shez

ps--new wires on braces--hurt waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more than getting braces on....please refer to my previously written Christmas carol and multiply times 10! :(