06 March 2007


Well, I'm in the final countdown to hearing back from universities....so needless to say [but I'm gonna say it anyway], I'm a bit panicked! But in an effort to remain true to my leaving The 'Burg, I've started job searching and putting out feelers for where is next for Stella, Addy, & I to live. Of course, job searching for me is not easy, as there's a lot I can do and a lot that I'm interested in but mainly what I really want to do, I'm not qualified for without further schooling and some experience. So I've taken to also looking into different places I might want to live and then job searching specifically in those cities.

clear as mud?

i found the website www.findyourspot.com took their little quiz [okay, it's like 7 or 8 pages, so not so little] and here are the top 24 cities in the USA, based on my answers:

Albuquerque, NM
Hartford, CT
Portland, OR
Honolulu, HI
Boston, MA
Providence, RI
New Haven, CT
San Jose, CA
San Fransisco, CA
Seattle, WA
Baltimore, MD
Denver, CO
Little Rock, AR
Worcester, MA
Washington, DC
Las Vegas, NV [baby!]
Carlisle, PA [huh?]
Milwaukee, WI
Cincinnati, OH
Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN
Oakland, CA [uh, i don't think so!]
Knoxville, TN
Baton Rouge, LA

notice anything particular? NO TEXAS CITIES!?!?!?! I'm not exactly sure how that happened, although I did mention something about liking definite season changes and not insanely long, excriutatingly hot summers...oh wait...[ding!]

while I haven't been to many of them, there are quite a few on the list that for me, would rank a LOT lower than Austin, Dallas, or San Antonio. But there are a few surprises that I might check out as well--and NO it's not going to be Oakland!!!!!!!

very interesting. wonder if they have anything similar but with international cities???

more later!
:I shez

ps--new wires on braces--hurt waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more than getting braces on....please refer to my previously written Christmas carol and multiply times 10! :(

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FindYourSpot.com said...

Hey Sherry, thanks for letting other people know about our website, www.FindYourSpot.com. We appreciate it!

To answer your question about an international site. No, we don't have one, but I wish we did because then I could travel a lot more.

If you are interested in having free access to the full roster of reports, please drop me a note at lizzy@findyourspot.com. It's a value of $9.95, and it allows you to add as many cities/towns as you like (including ones from Texas) to your list.

Have a great day!

Lizzy Scully
Managing Editor