20 February 2007


Okay, it's official--I'm nuts!! [of course you knew this]

Stella got a sister. Her name is Addy. Someone just dropped her off at DDC and she was bouncing around among the staff and I just couldn't stand it...I couldn't.....I just couldn't. So I brought her home--with the understanding that IF Stella couldn't adjust, I'd have to bring her back, as it is Stella's home and she has to be okay with it.

I mean seriously--could you say no to this?

Of course, I didn't realize that she was still a puppy! Her original name was Bella, but that had to be changed, so I named her Addy--as in Adelaide, Queen of England from 1830-1837 [and is also the capitol of South Australia].

There have been a few growing pains--many caused by the fact that Addy is a lab puppy and doesn't know how to back down, much to the chagrin of her big sister. But because they're about the same size [YES, I AM CRAZY!] they play really well together. And Stella has taught little sister a couple of very handy things, such as jumping on the furniture and barking [Thanks Stel!] Stella likes to act very put-out by the new addition to our family...but seriously--does this look like a distressed dog?

tired? yep? distressed? i think not.

Unlike her big sister, Addy is a cuddly, follow Momma everywhere kind of dog. Although when I am stationary [ie sitting in the chair reading, playing my ds, watching telly], she will go outside and bask in the sunlight. Stella perches herself on the couch or bed to observe [i think mainly to avoid being pounced on by little sister!] And on a positive note for me, my arm muscles are starting to take more definite shape from walking these two mammoths!
crazy, i know....but happy!
:) shez


jamie said...

She's beautiful, Sherry! Good luck feeding them both.

Rebecca said...

awww! look at those eyes! what a sweet baby :D

Daniel Pedler said...

Hey Sherry, What kind of dog is Stella? Thats really cool that you are the owner of 2 dogs! and how come i had to read your blog to find this out.