06 February 2007

Holy Super Closet Cleaning Batman!

I just found out--or actually was just reminded--that I have carpet, albeit old, in my closets! Who knew?!?!? I have begun the countdown until leaving--which may be in May or may be in June--but I am systematically, slowly, and thoroughly going through EVERY SINGLE INCH of my apartment and sorting everything--throwing out and giving away a large chunk of it!! I'm being very slow, but very productive!!

But it's giving me something to do in my spare time. Why all the spare time: Cuvee closed. Yep for good. Why? Who knows what really happened. All I know is that this put a HUGE kink in my getting out of here by May [which is why I'm not sure if I'm leaving in May or June] So, now I'm looking for another night/weekend job...unfortunately, it's slow here in The 'Burg right now, so not many people are hiring and of course, the wineshop is my first priority which doesn't make my schedule very flexible. Plus I was extremely spoiled and the thought of "breaking" in new people isn't appealling right now!

I am enjoying the quiet evenings at home....of course, since we were given NO warning about Cuvee, I didn't have time to budget adjust, so I'm uber-poor right now. I've adjusted things like phone, car payment, student loan payment and cable, but not in time for February payments. Oh well, thank goodness February is a short month--6 days down, 22 to go!! Fortunately, I just bought coffee--otherwise the rest of the month might have just gotten ugly!!

Alright, must go--mountain of laundry [blocking the shower & toliet...you laugh, I'm serious!] is calling....

ciao for now!
:I shez

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Rebecca said...

well, we've spoke since this post and i know you did find that 2nd job...so, now i'm wondering, did you start yet? how's it going!?!