27 November 2006


Yes, it's true, it's true. sigh. I have to have braces. urgh. This is me being excited about having braces: [yawn!] I know, I know you actually came here to read all about the cowboys game, but I am tooooo exhausted for that.....but let me tell you it was SOOOOOOOO worth feeling this exhausted [to quote a friend--I'm to old for this shit!] to start the busiest shopping weekend off with a sleep deficit. FABULOUS. WONDERFUL. LOVED IT. There will be more details tomorrow--you know, when forming sentences isn't such as task.

So back to braces. urgh. I went to my dentist for a cleaning when she noticed my back bottom molars--particularly on my left side--were loose. Not decaying or disease-ridden loose, but gums pulling away from my teeth loose. I have ALWAYS known my teeth were crooked--no, not my teeth so much as my jaws, but thinking that breaking and realigning was the only solution, I've been perfectly happy with misaligned jaws and teeth. Little did I know that the friction of misaligned teeth were causing so much movement in my molars that the gums around them were loosening. She suggested perhaps seeing an ortho for a consultation, but warned that probably my most viable options were breaking and realigning my jaw or waiting until all my teeth fell out and getting dentures. [okay, THANKS for the optimism!?!?!?!?!] so I called the orthro she recommended and his scheduler tells me that he offers free consultations. Make an appointment. Dazzled him with my knowledge of teeth, given that I worked at Texas Wines Etc. and then confessed my study of physical anthropology...but in the end he decided that braces were the way to go and didn't even contemplate me for surgery. I COULD'VE KISSED THE MAN! but i restrained....and now have to have braces....

:I shez

21 November 2006

Nutso Crazy Day!


and consequently 3 days until the busiest shopping day of the year...the store is SO NOT ready. Actually, it's pretty much ready, but it's not perfect, so as far as I'm concerned--IT'S SO NOT READY. Plus UPS has this "thing" to try and bring me as many boxes as humanly possible in the fewest amount of days. Even Tom asked if the boxes were multiplying! I swear they have cameras in the back room and as soon as there's a spot on the floor DING-DONG! there's UPS with [shock!] more boxes! Fed-Ex. I like Fed-Ex--they come, they PICK UP boxes, they leave. I like Fed-Ex [take note, it's probably the only time i'll ever admit this!]

on a very sad note, one of my friend's mom passed away last week...so just an aside to everyone reading this holiday--give your mom [or dad or brother or sister-in-law] a hug and let them know that you love them. meanwhile, my dear friend, my thoughts are with you and your family--i love you.

Also take time to give to food shelters, toys 4 tots, and coat drives this winter....as the St. Jude's commercial relays: be thankful for what you have and give to those less fortunate than you.

Alright, back to the nutso-craziness of the store! And don't be offended if you can't get a hold of me this weekend--I'll be running around like a chicken with it's head cut off!

Happy Turkey Day and GO COWBOYS GO!

gobble. gobble. shez

16 November 2006

Counting Down!

Okay, it's ONE WEEK to THE COWBOYS [vs. tampa bay] GAME [or Thanksgiving to the rest of you]!!!!! By this time next week, Jen, Sheila, David, Matt and I will be tailgating at Texas Stadium--consuming smoked turkey legs and in lieu of rolls, shiner bock [what?!?! they both have yeast in them--and rather than worry about how to keep the rolls warm or eating cold rolls, we can just put the sb on ice when we leave Fredericksburg and ba-da-bing! it's ready by the time we get to dallas!] quite ingenious planning, if you ask me!

gobble, gobble--Happy Turkey Day everybody!
:) shez

13 November 2006


Yay! Car is fixed!! So I'm running errands, as I had Monday off, and one of my stops is HEB for a few groceries. Get my groceries and actually leave HEB in record time, don't need a cart for my few, but somewhat heavy groceries, I'm fine. Walk out into the parking lot, to the exact spot where I left my car....and it's gone. gone. holy %$&#^ it's gone!! okay don't panic--perhaps I parked one aisle over--even though I knew I hadn't! I never lose my car---ever. ever. EVER! I actually went to the basket return bin and grabbed a basket to put my few but heavy groceries in, so that I could walk around and think. I cannot believe that I just got the freakin' thing fixed and now it's gone. think. think. I AM THE PERSON THAT REMEMBERS FLAWLESSLY WHERE WE PARK THE CAR AT ALL AMUSEMENT PARKS, SHOPPING CENTERS, AND SPORTING EVENTS. i did NOT just lose my car. This CANNOT be happening to me? What the hell is the number for the police station, because I'm telling you--I know EXACTLY where I parked and my car is gone!

OKAY, so maybe it's not gone....maybe it is [okay, no maybe about it--it is] parked about 5 or 6 parking spaces further down and my little Ford Escort is safely nestled in between two big-ass SUV's....damn big-ass SUV's giving me a heartattack!!

sigh....that was my drama for the day
:) shez

09 November 2006


Guess what? Because my life just cannot be drama free--my car isn't starting. I'm hoping beyond hope that it's the battery, but I'm pretty sure it's probably the alternator or starter. How do I know? Because it's me--and I assure you that of all the plausible options that could be wrong, it'll be the most expensive!

All I'm saying is that it BETTER not interfere with my money to see the Cowboys....of course, tickets have already been purchased, but there's parking, hotels, beer, and tailgating food to think about!! otherwise, I might have to borrow Teresa's bike for awhile!!


Kevin's on his way to give his two cents, in the meantime I'm relying on Teresa, David, Jen, Sheila, & Mom for transport. It's only been ONE day and I'm already going nuts [okay, nuttier than normal]--I HATE BEING WITHOUT WHEELS or at least in a city with PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION! I mean, I never had a car while living in Canberra, but there was a reliable--albeit somewhat tedius--bus system.

07 November 2006


Happy Election Tuesday everybody in the USA! Don't forget to go vote!

Happy Melbourne Cup Day everybody in Australia! Don't forget to bet on the 8th race!

Happy Birthday Nerida! Don't forget to have a drink or two!

Just as an aside for those voting in Texas: where did all the libetarians come from?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? Geez, there were quite a few races where there weren't even any Democrats--just Republicans and Libs! Well, here's hoping that by the end of the day we here in Texas have a new Governor. Now there's NO doubt the new governor cannot match The Good Hair Governor's hairdo, but I think we Texans can overlook it! Additionally, it has to be some kind of record--5 gubernatorial candidates PLUS I had a note in my voting booth about 1 write-in canidate. This is craziness at it's political finest!

God Bless the American voting system!

:) shez

06 November 2006

Freeze Frame!

Just got my halloween pictures back and these are too cute NOT to post!!

Grrr....Lala the Cat

Esmeralda [Malory] and The Great Magician [Baylor]--hiding behind his Batman candy bag
The Silly Wicked Witch [Morgan] with a better shot of The Great Magician

Arrrrrrrrr! The Dreaded Pirate Andon

The Fairy Princess [Ashlyn]

Sweet baby Reese--looking like a pumpkin--napped through it all!

and finally: Teletubby David at my birthday party...perhaps he should have considered it for a halloween costume!

C'mon David, you know I love you!!!
:) shez

03 November 2006


I LOVE FALL...it's probably my favorite season [and I'm not just saying that because it's my birthday!] It's the cool crisp mornings and evenings, the not insanely hot days, football and basketball season, you know....the little things like that! Unfortunately, it doesn't last long in this part of Texas.... :(

The best is sitting out in the crisp morning air drinking my coffee....meanwhile my slothful dog has patiently waited until I got up so that she can comfortably park herself IN THE MIDDLE OF MY BED!

At least she's good about letting me sleep in the mornings!

Happy Fall Ya'll!
:) shez

PS--haven't accomplished much with the Christmas decorating...but still drinking eggnog, listening to Christmas music to motivate me.....

01 November 2006

The Holidays are Coming, The Holidays are Coming!

Ahhh....November 1st. The first day I will actually put up Christmas decorations in the wine store. Neverminding the fact that EVERY OTHER store on Main Street already has their Christmas stuff up and displayed proudly in their front windows. I refuse. I hate that I have to completely skip over Thanksgiving--another fabulous holiday in order for the more commercialized Christmas. Not that I don't love Christmas....it's just the retail side of putting out Christmas items and decorating in September/October is ridiculous. Fortunately Tom agrees and while we do put out some Christmas gift items in the back of the store for those early shoppers, no trees, tinsel, or lights can come out until November 1st. YAY! I love Tom!! But here it is November 1st and so up and down the ladder I go, getting out all Christmas decorations. It's a nice day for it--cool and crisp outside....and I've even put on a bit of Christmas music and am drinking a bit of eggnog to get me in the Christmas decorating spirit!


:) shez