27 November 2006


Yes, it's true, it's true. sigh. I have to have braces. urgh. This is me being excited about having braces: [yawn!] I know, I know you actually came here to read all about the cowboys game, but I am tooooo exhausted for that.....but let me tell you it was SOOOOOOOO worth feeling this exhausted [to quote a friend--I'm to old for this shit!] to start the busiest shopping weekend off with a sleep deficit. FABULOUS. WONDERFUL. LOVED IT. There will be more details tomorrow--you know, when forming sentences isn't such as task.

So back to braces. urgh. I went to my dentist for a cleaning when she noticed my back bottom molars--particularly on my left side--were loose. Not decaying or disease-ridden loose, but gums pulling away from my teeth loose. I have ALWAYS known my teeth were crooked--no, not my teeth so much as my jaws, but thinking that breaking and realigning was the only solution, I've been perfectly happy with misaligned jaws and teeth. Little did I know that the friction of misaligned teeth were causing so much movement in my molars that the gums around them were loosening. She suggested perhaps seeing an ortho for a consultation, but warned that probably my most viable options were breaking and realigning my jaw or waiting until all my teeth fell out and getting dentures. [okay, THANKS for the optimism!?!?!?!?!] so I called the orthro she recommended and his scheduler tells me that he offers free consultations. Make an appointment. Dazzled him with my knowledge of teeth, given that I worked at Texas Wines Etc. and then confessed my study of physical anthropology...but in the end he decided that braces were the way to go and didn't even contemplate me for surgery. I COULD'VE KISSED THE MAN! but i restrained....and now have to have braces....

:I shez

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Matthew Cottrell said...

Hey you! I had braces twice, once in 7th and 8th grade and the next I was a Junior in college!! Live it up and avoid the apples!