13 November 2006


Yay! Car is fixed!! So I'm running errands, as I had Monday off, and one of my stops is HEB for a few groceries. Get my groceries and actually leave HEB in record time, don't need a cart for my few, but somewhat heavy groceries, I'm fine. Walk out into the parking lot, to the exact spot where I left my car....and it's gone. gone. holy %$&#^ it's gone!! okay don't panic--perhaps I parked one aisle over--even though I knew I hadn't! I never lose my car---ever. ever. EVER! I actually went to the basket return bin and grabbed a basket to put my few but heavy groceries in, so that I could walk around and think. I cannot believe that I just got the freakin' thing fixed and now it's gone. think. think. I AM THE PERSON THAT REMEMBERS FLAWLESSLY WHERE WE PARK THE CAR AT ALL AMUSEMENT PARKS, SHOPPING CENTERS, AND SPORTING EVENTS. i did NOT just lose my car. This CANNOT be happening to me? What the hell is the number for the police station, because I'm telling you--I know EXACTLY where I parked and my car is gone!

OKAY, so maybe it's not gone....maybe it is [okay, no maybe about it--it is] parked about 5 or 6 parking spaces further down and my little Ford Escort is safely nestled in between two big-ass SUV's....damn big-ass SUV's giving me a heartattack!!

sigh....that was my drama for the day
:) shez

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