09 November 2006


Guess what? Because my life just cannot be drama free--my car isn't starting. I'm hoping beyond hope that it's the battery, but I'm pretty sure it's probably the alternator or starter. How do I know? Because it's me--and I assure you that of all the plausible options that could be wrong, it'll be the most expensive!

All I'm saying is that it BETTER not interfere with my money to see the Cowboys....of course, tickets have already been purchased, but there's parking, hotels, beer, and tailgating food to think about!! otherwise, I might have to borrow Teresa's bike for awhile!!


Kevin's on his way to give his two cents, in the meantime I'm relying on Teresa, David, Jen, Sheila, & Mom for transport. It's only been ONE day and I'm already going nuts [okay, nuttier than normal]--I HATE BEING WITHOUT WHEELS or at least in a city with PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION! I mean, I never had a car while living in Canberra, but there was a reliable--albeit somewhat tedius--bus system.

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april! said...

Hey, I thought the public transit in Canberra was pretty darn good! Of course, I've only got the Twin Cities to compare it to, but trust me, there's no comparison!