01 November 2006

The Holidays are Coming, The Holidays are Coming!

Ahhh....November 1st. The first day I will actually put up Christmas decorations in the wine store. Neverminding the fact that EVERY OTHER store on Main Street already has their Christmas stuff up and displayed proudly in their front windows. I refuse. I hate that I have to completely skip over Thanksgiving--another fabulous holiday in order for the more commercialized Christmas. Not that I don't love Christmas....it's just the retail side of putting out Christmas items and decorating in September/October is ridiculous. Fortunately Tom agrees and while we do put out some Christmas gift items in the back of the store for those early shoppers, no trees, tinsel, or lights can come out until November 1st. YAY! I love Tom!! But here it is November 1st and so up and down the ladder I go, getting out all Christmas decorations. It's a nice day for it--cool and crisp outside....and I've even put on a bit of Christmas music and am drinking a bit of eggnog to get me in the Christmas decorating spirit!


:) shez

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