31 October 2006

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everybody!!

I love Halloween--it's probably my favorite holiday, even if there's a push to do away with dressing up and celebrating. Phooey on them I say! [and I say it dressed as an archangel! muwahahahahaha!] Sheila found these cool black wings and so I decided to use them in a fun frivolous manner--I'm in all black...okay with a bit of my red bra showing and additionally, I went across the street to the FunShoppe and had Shannon, The Fabulous, paint my face with silver and black and sparklies so as to match my wings!

Well, I should be off...I have a few trick-or-treaters stopping by soon and then I'm headed off to Teresa's to help them hand out candy!!

Happy Haunting!
:) shez

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