22 October 2006

Busy Busy Bee

Given that it's Sunday [last day before vacation] and I'm the QUEEN of Procrastination.....I'm running around today like a chicken with it's head just chopped off. I know, not a pleasing mental picture, but there you go. Although in my defense, I've been working both jobs all week [although not in my defense a lot of it could have/should have been done sooner--ie. unpacking boxes from the ranch!]. Additionally, work was insanely busy last night and Jen & I spent most of it running upstairs and downstairs and upstairs and downstairs and I took over Sheila's section because she had a HUGE party in the Attic and Jen took over part of my section to help even out the load. Needless to say [but I'm saying it anyway] we were exhausted! So, even though I do have lots to do--both at home & work before I depart tomorrow morning, physically my body isn't letting me accomplish things very quickly. Although given how tired my legs and feet are [not to mention most of the rest of me], I think I'm making steady progress! And of course taking mini-breaks here and there [like making the time to blog!! :D]

Ahhhh well, tomorrow I'll grab a quick nap on the plane to Dallas and after that, I'll be too excited to worry about little things like exhaustion!!

:) shez

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