12 October 2006

You Say It's Your Birthday....

Okay, umm...I've been sick. Not "sick and tired"--although being sick has made me tired. But I missed Landri's birthday party. Apparently, it was fabulous, as all 4 year old birthday parties are. And apparently by not being there, I missed out on more than just cake!

First of all, my Mother. My dearest darling lovely Mother was running late, mainly because allllllllll I wanted was some apple juice. And so Mom went to the store to get me apple juice. Now normally it takes 5 minutes...maybe 8 if you hit all the lights...to get from the store to my house. But it wasn't a normal weekend. In addition to being Lala's birthday, it was also Oktoberfest [prosit!] weekend. So rather than taking 5...maybe 8...minutes, it took Mom 20 minutes to bring me apple juice. For which I am eternally grateful. And made Mom late, as now she only had less than 2 hours to go home, decorate a My Little Pony cake, get dressed, and get to the birthday party--which was in Stonewall--only 15 minutes from Fredericksburg, but of course, Mom lives 20 minutes in the other direction. So what does she do? Speed. And what happens? She got pulled over. For the first time in her life since she was 16! And of course, when you are in a hurry and are speeding, cops seem to know this and amble up to your car window as slow as molasses. FINALLY he reaches the window--where upon my Mother, thrusting her license and registration into his hand says "Yes, I was speeding. Fine, give me a ticket, but hurry up because I'm late to my granddaughter's birthday party and I have the cake!" She then rolls down the back window and shows him the cake. Of course, this doesn't sway him to just give her a warning, but he did move a bit faster while issuing the ticket!

Second, my Mom gives Lala a Rody, which is an Italian blow up horse--think cute horse shaped bouncing ball. But it has to be blown up, right....so where is the spout? yep, you guessed it--right below the tail. Which poor Uncle Joe discovered when Lala asked him to blow it up. I believe Lauren mentioned something about incriminating photos.....

Of course, Lala's birthday isn't the only one, so here's a BIG FAT HAPPY BIRTHDAY wishes to:

Landri, Oct 7th
Woody, Oct 8th
Kerry, Oct 8th
Auntie P, Oct 10th
Matt, Oct 10th
Kat, Oct 15th
Lauren, Oct 16th
Ben, Oct 16th
Amber, Oct 17th
Kevin, Oct 21st

whew! I think that's it....well, except for mine :) which of course, celebrating will begin very soon!!

prosit and a Happy Oktoberfest!
:) shez

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