04 October 2006

Best Feeling in the World!!

ahhhhh....I think taking out your toe separators after painting your toes is one of the best feelings in the world.....it's such a release! Presuming this works, you are now viewing my freshly painted tootsies! In Yankee Blue, I might add [for those of you who are watching the baseball play-offs!]!!

No, I haven't been doing much posting, I've been trying to making some improvements, additions, and enhancements....which of course, I SUCK at doing. So I've enlisted the help of Super-Becca, who is helping with my everything--okay, so basically, I'm just turning it ALL over to Becca because a) she got me into this and b) she's wonderful, fabulous, magnificent, remarkable, extraordinary and everything else that's nice and kind to say about her so that she keeps helping!! :)

okay, so back to my toes and the release of pulling out toe separators--what feels good, relaxing and releasing to you? [ASIDE FROM THE OBVIOUS!!!!] just curious!

have a great day!

ps--check out Becca's blog at

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