18 October 2006

Cats & Dogs

Just a quick update on Samson....unfortunately, he has not returned home. :(

So I've closed the back door and emptied the litter box and boxed up all his toys. I still keep a food bowl outside, but what else am I going to do with a new bag of kitten food?!?!? It made me very sad, but I'd like to think that he's been adopted by some family who is loving and spoiling him....and that he occasionally resents being locked up in a house all day and....gives them rather sharp love bites. what?!?!? I want him to be happy and cozy and loved, but he had that with me...sniff, sniff.

so I've decided that my birthday present this year will be a puppy--and by puppy, I mean that of the canine persuasion, which will be adopted from the SPCA or other animal rescue place. I like cats, and I LOVED Sampson [obviously, I'm heart-broken about his departure] but dogs are friendly, dogs are loyal, dogs just don't run away and decide to adopt other families! Okay, so they occasionally go on unauthorized field trips, but they are excited when you find them [unless you're Dakota, who thought humans running after her along of Amarillo's busiest streets was a huge, fun game]. I like the independence of cats, they're easy--keep 'em fed, watered, and the litter box clean and you're good to go. Going out of town? Have a friend pop in and check to see that they are fed, watered, and the litter box is clean. No puppysitters, no kennel fees, no waking up at 5am every morning for a walk. Of course, I have to admit that Samson was the perfect dog-lovers cat. He talked [ALL THE TIME], he greeted me at the door, he laid on the bathroom mat waiting for me to get out of the shower, he liked being petted and cuddling on the couch...he will definitely be missed.

:( shez

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