19 October 2006

Lincoln Town Cars

Okay, I know why mobsters like Lincoln town cars---good lord, they have HUGE trunks. You know, for hauling plants and baseball equipment and stuff like that! :D

How do I know you ask, since I have a tiny little Ford Escort? Well, I was actually being nice [shocking, I know!] and helping this little old couple who drove down from Oklahoma for a case of wine [on a side note, I also handed them a business card and let them know I could ship to OK]. I walked it out for them, she opened the trunk--and holy cow 2 BODIES could fit in there! Of course, I'm just speculating...hey, wait a minute....he did mention he was originally from New Jersey...I guess it's a good thing I decided today to be nice!! :)

On another note: APRIL IS COMING, APRIL IS COMING!! But unlike the British, I don't think she has plans of taking over Texas and taxing our boots off! Of course, I could be wrong. But she's leaving tomorrow and driving down here, first to visit her aunt & uncle in Arlington and then Monday I'm flying to Dallas and then ambling down to Fredericksburg, as I think this is her first tour of the Texas Hill Country. On another side note, right now in Minnesota there's like 2 feet of snow on the ground. I told her to pack shorts!!


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april! said...

2 feet of snow my aunt, er...not fanny!