28 October 2006

Conspiracy Theories

Monday morning: got up, finished packing, finished couple of items at work, and headed to airport in Austin. YES AUSTIN. There was a bit of confusion about time and place of departure to fly to DFW to meet April. I think it was because I was looking at two different flights [one at 1pm out of Austin and one at 12pm out of San Antonio]...or it's because I flaked out [also a viable option!].

ANYWAY, we got there....and surprise, surprise--shockingly and amazingly enough I made it through the lines [god bless curbside check-in!] and the security check point without any hassles or dramas. It was as if it was not me travelling!

A quick--and I mean quick--flight later I'm touching down at DFW. And I have to say I don't think I've ever gotten out at DFW....it was a very strange feeling indeed!! Made it to baggage claim and there she is--APRIL!!--who hugs me and almost immediately hands over the keys to Sheldon, her new Saturn Vue. We grab my bag and head for downtown Dallas, the WestEnd, and of course, The Grassy Knoll. The Grassy Knoll is full of people, looking, pointing, discussing various theories. I buy April a $5 "original" paper of the "incident" and we wander around for awhile until you can't hear the traffic over the rumbling of my tummy. So we head to Spaghetti Warehouse....where we stuffed ourselves silly on pasta, fish, and spinach artichoke dip.

Feeling better [and full] we walked around a bit....and then it hit me: really, most of what I like to do in the Metroplex is in Fort Worth, which April had already seen and done. Cowboy tickets were sold out and April, still traumatized by the moved of her beloved Minnesota North Stars to Dallas, refused to entertain the notion of attempting to get hockey tickets.

April mentioned wanting to see the Dr. Pepper Factory and thinking we had time, we hopped in Sheldon and headed south to Waco....

:) shez

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