21 November 2006

Nutso Crazy Day!


and consequently 3 days until the busiest shopping day of the year...the store is SO NOT ready. Actually, it's pretty much ready, but it's not perfect, so as far as I'm concerned--IT'S SO NOT READY. Plus UPS has this "thing" to try and bring me as many boxes as humanly possible in the fewest amount of days. Even Tom asked if the boxes were multiplying! I swear they have cameras in the back room and as soon as there's a spot on the floor DING-DONG! there's UPS with [shock!] more boxes! Fed-Ex. I like Fed-Ex--they come, they PICK UP boxes, they leave. I like Fed-Ex [take note, it's probably the only time i'll ever admit this!]

on a very sad note, one of my friend's mom passed away last week...so just an aside to everyone reading this holiday--give your mom [or dad or brother or sister-in-law] a hug and let them know that you love them. meanwhile, my dear friend, my thoughts are with you and your family--i love you.

Also take time to give to food shelters, toys 4 tots, and coat drives this winter....as the St. Jude's commercial relays: be thankful for what you have and give to those less fortunate than you.

Alright, back to the nutso-craziness of the store! And don't be offended if you can't get a hold of me this weekend--I'll be running around like a chicken with it's head cut off!

Happy Turkey Day and GO COWBOYS GO!

gobble. gobble. shez

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