07 November 2006


Happy Election Tuesday everybody in the USA! Don't forget to go vote!

Happy Melbourne Cup Day everybody in Australia! Don't forget to bet on the 8th race!

Happy Birthday Nerida! Don't forget to have a drink or two!

Just as an aside for those voting in Texas: where did all the libetarians come from?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? Geez, there were quite a few races where there weren't even any Democrats--just Republicans and Libs! Well, here's hoping that by the end of the day we here in Texas have a new Governor. Now there's NO doubt the new governor cannot match The Good Hair Governor's hairdo, but I think we Texans can overlook it! Additionally, it has to be some kind of record--5 gubernatorial candidates PLUS I had a note in my voting booth about 1 write-in canidate. This is craziness at it's political finest!

God Bless the American voting system!

:) shez

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