03 June 2008


I am headed back home. I'm so excited!!! Well, truthfully, I've been up for 26 hours, with another 16 or so to go, so really I'm exhausted and am looking forward to the 3 hour nap to DFW!

On a personal note, gotta love being able to blog while waiting since well, it's INSANELY early for most normal people so no one wants to talk with me :(

Oh well....guess i get to catch up a bit on my blogging. Yes, I've been rather slack. Well, you take over my life and see how you do!!

In case you're wondering what in the world is ShezzaSpeak, it's my newest blog (yes, I'm that crazy, thankyouverymuch!). Since this one is more of a journal with (in theory, especially of late) more details, ShezzaSpeak is just little blips and blurps of living--mainly commuting--in New York City. So check it out if you have time. I usually post there more often, since well, they're a lot shorter.


Ooohh, first boarding call....I can almost taste the Shiner and queso now...


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