02 January 2008

Les Miserables!

When she woke up April declared the following: "I AM NOT RUNNING TO CATCH ANY FERRY, BUS, OR SUBWAY." alright, alright...since it's her last full day, I'll be accomodating...

SURPRISE! April--the wonderful, fabulous, generous, special, great, wonderful (oh wait, I already said that) decided that for my birthday (okay, it's a ways off) and Christmas, she bought me a ticket for Les Miserables! When we finally realized that it was the show we wanted to see, tickets were a bit outrageous because Sunday is the last show. So--unbeknownst to me, as I was working--she went back to the theatre and got us tickets.

IT WAS FABULOUS!! I'd never seen the play before. I had read the story and seen part of the movie, but what an EXTRAORDINARY introduction to Broadway. There are truly NO words to describe the experience!

Following that, we (via subway to get out of the insanely COLD wind!) went to Grand Central Station. After looking around, found our way to Junior's whose cheesecakes looked toooooo tempting to pass up on. Bought the most chocolately ooey gooey cheesecake we saw (chocolate devils food cheesecake) and went home to order Chinese food in (which April was excited about doing because it can be DELIVERED!). The food was good, but the cheesecake DIVINE! of course, to honor the occassion I brewed some of the Kona straight up to enjoy with the cheesecake....OMG. I needed a moment.
So here's a description of the cheesecake: thick chocolate icing with chocolate chips sprinkled on top then a layer of devils food cake , another layer of icing, then a FAT layer of cheesecake, a thick layer of chocolate icing and finally another layer of DFC. It it about 12 inches tall....and full of yummy deliciousness!!!



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april! said...

First of all, it's your birthday present, not Christmas (you'll get a Christmas pressie, missy). Secondly, you should mention I was excited about the Chinese cause they actually deliver it to your door! I sound kind of weird otherwise...