03 January 2008

...But It Feels Like -2F!

Okay....it's ccccold, especially in the wind. By far the coldest day of April's visit--ironic espcially given the plan was to spend it walking around Central Park and doing some last minute gift shopping. We decided to forego the Park and have a bit of a sleep in before bundling up and heading to Canal Street so April could grab a few last minute gifts.

After that, we head down to the train so I could "take" April back to JFK so that she could leave us....waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!

The house now seems so empty and even Addy spent a few minutes looking around for April...guess it's back to the real world. sigh. Of course, as is typical for JFK, April just texted me to let me know that her plane's been delayed...I decided not to mention that I'm sitting here having a slice of that fabulous cheesecake (well, I couldn't let it go bad!!)

I hope you had fun April because I LOVED having you here! Come back soon!!


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