27 October 2008

This Year It's All About Time!

To all you well-wishers--THANKS!! I had a great--albeit quiet--birthday! This is due mainly to mid-terms at school, the last of which is tomorrow!! YIPPEE!! :)

To all you non-well wishers--YOU SUCK!! ha! just kidding...actually thanks to facebook, myspace, cell phones and texting I heard from just about everyone i've had contact with in the last 34 years!!

So after much contemplation, I decided to give myself the gift of time for my birthday.

I took the day off of school and did NOT get out of my jammies!! Okay, so I spent the majority of the day studying and working on research projects, but I got to spend the majority of the day cuddling with the pupcicle, eating TimTams, and drinking Kona Peaberry coffee http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kona_coffee mmmm!!! alright so it's not breakfast at Rathskeller or shopping in Melbourne, but I had a great day--and after all, it is all about me!!!

I also gave myself a subscription to the New York TIMES.

And finally, a vow to make more TIME for my health, which admittedly I haven't been good about, which is ridiculous, given the access I have at my fingertips at one of the best medical care facilities in the country...so no more putting it off!! I'm not getting any younger you know!


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