05 March 2008

Busy, Busy Bee

I'm not quite sure where the hell this year is going! I can't believe that it's already March...bleh...

School has been crazy (I think I may have mentioned that in a previous blog...well, it's still crazy so I feel like I should keep mentioning it!)

Today was glorious because I didn't leave the house, except to do laundry. Yes, my life is so insanely crazy that I'm pathetically excited that I don't have to leave the house! Who'd have ever thought I'd be happy about mopping? Well, I'm not so delirious that I cleaned out the fridge, so not to worry--no need to send help!

Really, I don't have much to report--work is fine. school is time-consuming and the poor pupcicle is being mildly neglected (don't tell PPS--puppy protective services--she's getting fed and watered and gets walked...a bit...not as much as I'd like, but at some point sleep becomes an issue.)

Speaking of, must get to bed....4am comes all too early in the morning...


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