28 March 2008

The YAY team

The ONLY good thing about April nearing is that the END of semester of semester is in sight(YAY!) alright, I realize that I have a TON of work due between now and then, but hey! i can see the light! YAY!

On a side note: Hook 'em Horns! Who've now made it to the Elite Eight--YAY!

BIG NEWS: Sheila's getting married!! YAY!!
BIGGER NEWS: I'm performing the ceremony!! scary but true.

Yes, I'm ordained and no the sky did not open up and spit forth fire when it happened YAY!! It's at the beginning of June, so I'll be home then!!

YAY...HOME!!! Family, friends, shiner bock...not necessarily in that order. YAY shiner!

alright...I'm sure there's some major life changing information that I should be divulging, but right now, my bed is calling. YAY! bed...

see, see how tired I am?????????


PS--Xavier (who spent a not-so-brief stint in the hospital with a ruptured appendix) is finally at home and getting better--and THAT's the biggest YAY of them all!!! in fact, it deserves several YAYs--YAY YAY YAY YAY!!

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