19 November 2008


I met Tiki Barber. I tried to remain calm. I did admit that I was a Cowboy fan. Nico took our picture....wait...let me start from the beginning...

Tiki Barber, former running back to the New York Giants (for those of you who do not know), came in the store to do a signing for his new book. Also, for those of you who do not know, I am a huge Tiki Barber fan. I realize being a Cowboy fan this is considered a act of treason and on more than one occassion by more than one friend (namely Christi and Jen) when the Cowboys were playing the Giants, I would get a talking to about knowing where my loyalties lie (with the 'Boys of course!).

But I was still excited that Tiki Barber would be in the store!! Of course, I didn't really expect to meet him because I had no intention of buying his book--but a girl can hope that perhaps I would meet him in the offices before/after the signing. Nico, who is helping control the crowd, calls me down and says "do you want to meet him?" but I can't. Okay, if I'm buying his book and getting him to sign it or he comes to the cafe or I see him down in the office area, but I can't just walk up and ask to be introduced.

So Jason (my boss) comes up to the cafe and says "Tiki wants to take you to dinner." I will refrain from writing my response in the event small children are reading this. ha ha...he's so freaking funny. Jason says "c'mon I'll take you down"....and after a bit of cajoling (yes, my rarely seen shy side had kicked in) I finally follow him downstairs, where I went and stood next to Nico just to observe.

When the line finally had a lull, Nico (who kept commenting that she needed to get a mop for all the drool I was producing) called Jay (her boss) over and asked him if he would introduce me to Tiki. Jay was a bit hestitant, afterall, I AM a Longhorn fan and Jay's a diehard Sooner (boo!), but gives in and introduces me. :)

ooh...I wonder what my hair looks like....sorry....ahem...

I shake his hand and say that it's a pleasure, as I'm a big fan...and I shouldn't be because I'm a Cowboy fan (what??? I couldn't lie to him!!). So he stands up--as he noticed that Nico had out her camera--while shaking his head about being a Cowboy fan. Nico comments that she's going to send the picture to my entire family--to which I respond, "please don't--I don't wanna be disowned." Tiki laughed and said, "just tell them it's Ronde!" (again, for those of you don't know his twin brother who plays for the Buccaneers, who are NOT in the same division as the Cowboys).

ahhhh...I think I'm still glowing.


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Treasonous wench!! :p