20 June 2005

You Bet'cha

Okay, so where was I? Oh yes, St. Paul. Charles Schultz is from MN and all over St. Paul are Snoopys, Charlie Browns, Linuses, and Lucys! Whenever I figure out how to post pictures, I post one of Lucy & I outside an Old Fashioned Candy Shoppe. We ended our day in St. Paul by eating at Mickey's, which is a dining streetcar! It was so cool--there were about 25 seats, max, and you had to pay more for sitting in a booth. I figured what the heck, I'm on vacation and April grabbed a booth, some good grub, and finished with a root beer float! I was in heaven (although I'm sure the scales reflected otherwise!)

The next day, we headed to Minneapolis, had a look around the University of Minnesota--which is separated by the Mississippi River--and I discovered the joys (not!) of having class on East Bank and then having 10 minutes to book it to the next class, which was on the West Bank. We did a bit a shopping and then went downtown to have a browse around. We stopped in at the Hard Rock for a few token souveniers and ate some Minnesotan-Mex, which I have to admit is the closest to TexMex that I've been able to find. It could have, of course, been the fact that I was enamored with our waiter, who carded me....nah!!!!!! *grin*

After lunch, we headed back into St. Paul to take a boat ride down the Mighty Mississip. It was very Huck Finn, well, okay, not so much, but it was a historic guided tour (which means that every 15 minutes or so, a Mark Twain-esque announcer described some event that happened on whatever part of the river were we were floating). That evening we picked up Maddie (April's niece) and went to see The Hobbit, which was showing at the Children's Theatre. The play was good and the set design was amazing!

The next morning, we departed rather early for my Mini-Minnesota tour. It all started with a quest to find Paul Bunyon & Babe the Blue Ox and ended up at Lake Superior and crossing over into Wis-cahn-son. But unfortunately, I must dash, so I will have to save it for the next blurp!

have a great day!

:) shez


Rebecca said...

oh man, jarod would love to see a hobbit play! hmmmm, gonna have to ck into the little theatre. as for posting pictures... get a photobucket(dot com)acct - it's free and easy ... who could ask for more :)

April said...

Niece Maddie, babe. :)