13 December 2005

Happy Holidays are Here!

I love the holidays!! The decorations, giving gifts, smiling faces, lots of amaretto in my eggnog....it's a wonderful thing!

Today is one of those days where I'm at home baking cookies, drinking eggnog, and if I look outside it's a bit overcast, so I can pretend that it's cold and about to snow any minute. But knowing that if I left something in my car, I can go get it in jeans, t-shirt, and flipflops. Ahhh, you gotta love Texas in the winter!! Last week: colder than Anchorage, AK...this week sweaters and jackets optional!

I have OFFICIALLY lost my mind (although Becca's so proud) I have taken up knitting. I'm not exactly sure why or even how or what, but there I was in Target and they had knitting kits on sale for $12 (curse Target and their sales!). The next thing I know, I'm buying and attempting to knit. And it wasn't just a passing phase, I then proceeded to pop into our local knit/crochet shop and purchased some more yarn, a book on knitting, some BIG ASS needles, and decided I should try crocheting as well. Someone stop me, I'm crazy!!!!

I should go....the cookie timer is beeping at me and I still have lots of presents to wrap!!

Have a Happy Holiday season!!
shez :)

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Rebecca said...

i AM proud! i'm so excited that someone in my 'real' life has joined me in my crafty craziness.... :) send me a picture of that scarf you made!!!!!
one word of caution: stay away from unspun fibre - the curiosity of how it all comes together will be too much for you and you'll be a spinner too before you know it :) mwuahh ha ha haaa