27 October 2005

Happy Birthday to Me!!

Happy Birthday to me! Happy Birthday to me!! I had a great birthday!! I was to meet Christi & David for shopping in San Marcos. However, when I arrived at Christi's house, I was also greeted by Teresa & Maly for a birthday breakfast--complete with mimosas (well, okay--just OJ for Mal!) After that, Christi, David, and I headed off to the outlet malls in San Marcos and spent the day shopping, shopping, shopping!!! I got some great stuff and even a couple of Christmas gifts! Boy, am I on the ball!! After a long day of shopping, we were met by Gretchen who drove in from Austin after work and went to a taco hut for a great dinner--it was a dive, so of course the food was yummy!! Thanks guys for a great day!!

:) shez

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