25 September 2005

Happy Birthday Christi

Since I had to work at Cuvee the night of Christi's bithday, we both took off the during the day. When asked what she wanted to do, she replied that I had to decide because it was her birthday. fine. I told her she had to be ready by 8am....of course having a back up, knowing that she wouldn't be ready until 9am. we had breakfast at our fave brekkie spot (Rathskellar) and then headed to Llano. We stopped at Coopers and got BBQ to go (she's still wondering where we're going). And we head off east of Llano...in search of Fall Creek Vineyards (where I had a booking for a tasting and lunch). Of course, it would have been better had I not gotten lost. And when I had to turn around, it kind of freaked Christi out a bit, but she figured out where we were going and laughed that I got lost.

We arrive at FC and did a bit of tasting and then headed out to the patio area where we shared a bottle of wine and ate our BBQ....yum! yum! It was so beautiful and so peaceful. After leaving, we took the back roads to Marble Falls and went to see a movie (Flight Plan), arriving back in Fredericksburg in enough time for her to get ready to go out to dinner with Tracy.

I hope she had a great day, as I know I did!

:) shez

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